8 foods are necessary for the freshness of the skin

1 fatty fish

8 foods are necessary for the freshness of the skin – ” Contents1 fatty fish2 spinach3 guavas4 oranges5 sweet potatoes6 yogurt7 pomegranate8 soybeans9 referencesFatty fishFatty fish contain a high percentage of omega-3 fatty acids, which are necessary to maintain the health and moisture of the skin, they reduce inflammation that can cause acne, redness and allergies to the harmful sun, in addition to this, some studies have found that fish oil supplements can help fight against infections and autoimmune diseases that affect the skin such as: psoriasis and lupus, because oily fish contain vitamin E, which is one of the most important antioxidants for the skin, in addition to the proteins needed to produce structural proteins that maintain the strength and security of the skin, and zinc that it contributes to the production of new cells for the skin, and the most important fatty fish: salmon, mackerel and herring. [1]SpinachSpinach contains vitamin A, which helps promote the freshness of the skin, preventing harmful sunlight and vitamin A also exists in turnip, apricot, papaya and mango. [2]GuavaGuava is one of the most important types of fruit that contain a high percentage of vitamin C, and therefore it gives the skin a glow and great

2 spinach

freshness. Because it can cause pain in the stomach. [3]OrangeOranges contain very high levels of vitamin C, so it is recommended to take it daily glass container, and the use of scales in the preparation of skin masks that treat the spot and pigmentation of the skin. [3]sweet potatoPotatoes contain a good percentage of vitamin A, which helps to reduce the signs of aging of the skin such as: reduce wrinkles, so it is best to eat sweet potatoes as part of the healthy diet that is consumed.YogurtYogurt contains vitamin A and anophilic acid, where vitamin A helps protect the skin from ultraviolet rays, and opium acid maintains the health of the skin and intestine, and yogurt can be consumed by strawberries and bananas in a bowl, then add yogurt and Honey. [5]PomegranatePomegranate is characterized by a high percentage of antioxidants; Which fights free radicals and infections, and organizes blood flow to the skin, and can be taken by mixing pomegranate seeds with watercress and carrots, then adding a little goat cheese, and mustard sauce and vinegar can be added. [5]SoySoy contains minerals and proteins that nourish the skin, which helps reduce excessive skin pigmentation. It also co

3 Guava

ntains anoflavone, which improves the elasticity of the skin by preventing deterioration and collagen, and soy can be consumed by applying soy milk in the electraticity of the blender , then add frozen berries, bananas, soy protein powder, refrigerator cubes, a little honey and mix the ingredients until a smooth and smooth mixture. [5]the reviewerWas the article useful?

4 oranges

8 foods are necessary for the freshness of the skin

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