A final treatment for dark circles under the eye

1 dark circles under the eye

A final treatment for dark circles under the eye – ” Contents1 Dark circles under the eye2 Final treatment of dark circles3 Natural ways to treat dark circlesDark circles under the eyeThe skin of the area around the eyes is characterized by thin and without any type of glands or fat, which makes it one of the most sensitive skin areas, and dark circles appear due to many factors, including: anemia, lack of sleep , Tension and frequent stays, in addition to the occurrence of sinus problems, or certain genetic causes.Final treatment of dark circlesThe best and most effective treatments for dark circles: [1]Lightening eye creams; These creams contain lightening substances such as: isoic acid, cogkic acid, glycolic acid or hydroquinone.Laser therapy.Chemical peeling sessions.Injection of fillers under the eye.Note: Dark circles caused by heredity are the most difficult to eliminate.Natural methods to treat dark circlesOptionOption is one of the most effective treatments to get rid of a dark color in the area surrounding the eye; It has the ability to moisturize the skin, lighten its color, and it is beneficial by applying thin slices on the eyes, leaving it for about ten minutes, then washing the face with cold water.PotatoesPotatoes a

2 Final treatment of dark circles

re used to treat many of the problems to which the skin is exposed, including dark circles, and is used in extraction of their horse, mixing it with a little cucumber juice, applying the area with the mixture daily, such as it is possible to apply thin slices of potatoes, leave them for a few minutes, wash the cold water.ice cubesCold ice cubes are calm, swelling of an area under the eye reduced and helps to lighten the dark color, and the most advantageous can be obtained by preparing snow cubes from different herbs; Such as: green tea and chamomile, and put it on the area after wrapping it with a clean piece of cloth.Tea bagsTea helps to stimulate blood circulation in this area, as it reduces the swelling and bloating that occurs there, and can be used by placing bags of ordinary or green tea in the refrigerator for three minutes, and put it on the eye for a period not exceeding Ten minutes, then wash the face with cold water.Milk and white breadMilk is included in the composition of many materials that are ideal for tuning the moisture of the skin, the most important of which are fats and proteins, and milk is used to solve the problem of dark circles by mixing it with white bre

3 natural ways to treat dark circles

ad crumbs, to get A paste spreads under the eye for about five minutes, and then wash the face as usual.Rose waterRose water is considered one of the best natural materials used to get rid of a dark problem under the eye, and it is used by soaking a small piece of medical cotton, and place it on the eye for a period of at least that a quarter of an hour and leave the skin until it dries without washing it.Almond oilAlmond oil is known for its properties that make it many aesthetic benefits on the skin; It contains many substances that nourish the skin and stimulates blood circulation, which limits the appearance of its disadvantages, including dark circles, and is used by massaging the entire face, focusing on the ocean environment and regularly two weeks.mintMint gives a cool feeling to the skin, and it has the effect of precipitate, because it cools the area around the eye, reducing its appearance of dark color, and is used by grinding some of its leaves to become The shape of the paste and spreads it around the eye, leave it for more than five minutes, wash the face of cold water.Was the article useful?

A final treatment for dark circles under the eye

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