A final treatment for dark circles

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A final treatment for dark circles – “Contents1 dark circles2 final treatment for dark circles3 natural recipes to relieve dark circlesDark circlesMany people suffer from the appearance of dark circles in various areas of their skin, especially in the facial area, under the eyes, and the reason for their appearance is due to long hours, malnutrition, lack of body vitamins, smoking, added to heredity.Final treatment for dark circlesThe most effective treatments for dark circles, which help to get rid of dark circles permanently or at least reduce them to the lowest possible degree:Designated under eye lightening creams: which contain substances such as: glycolic acid, COGK acid and hydroquinone.Laser therapy to lighten pigmentation.Chemical peeling.Under-eye filling.Natural recipes to relieve dark circlesIt is recommended to use natural prescriptions as well as medical treatment experience to get the best opportunity to treat dark circles and prevent their appearance, like:Almond oilIt is one of the most important natural elements that benefit the skin; It helps to eliminate dark spots by using it to massage the areas of dark circles, leave it overnight and then wash it off with cold water.OptionCucumber contains prope

2 Final treatment for dark circles

rties that lighten the skin and repair its problems, in addition to its recovery, as it can be used by cutting it into large slices and placing it inside the refrigerator for at least half an hour until it cools, and put it On the areas of dark skin for a period of at least ten minutes, then wash the areas with water, knowing that this process can be repeated twice a day for a week, as well as it can be emerged, mixing it with an equal amount of lemon juice, putting the mixture with the help of a cotton ball on the affected areas, leaving it for a quarter of an hour, and then wash it with cold water.PotatoesPotatoes are a natural substance that contains bleaching factors that have the ability to remove stains, where a grain can be squeezed, placed using a small cotton on the auras and leaving them for no less than a quarter of an hour, then washing the area with cold water, or explain to thick pieces and placed on the affected areas.tomatoesTomatoes brighten the skin by mixing a tablespoon of its juice with half a teaspoon of lemon juice, applying the mixture on the auras for ten minutes, then washing it with cold water.Rose waterRose water is characterized by its high capacity to

3 Natural recipes to relieve dark circles

renew the skin, get rid of dark spots, especially those that appear under the eyes, as it is used by soaking small cotton balls in it, putting them on dark areas and leaving them for a period of at least fifteen minutes.Coconut oilIn addition to getting rid of it, it works to increase the smoothness of the skin and eliminate wrinkles, massaging the affected areas with the oil, leaving it for a few hours and then washing it, and the process can be repeated three times a day for a month or more.YellowIt contributes to its removal through its antioxidant properties, where two tablespoons of pineapple can be mixed with pineapple juice; Until a homogeneous paste is formed, put it on dark spots, leave it for ten minutes, and then remove it with a piece of cloth.Was the article useful?

A final treatment for dark circles

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