A mask to remove the effects of the sun

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A mask to remove the effects of the sun – ” Contents1 sunburn2 sunburn symptoms3 sunburn damage4 mask to eliminate the effects of sunburnSunburnThe sun’s rays are bright and strong in summer, which leads to a person burned when he stands directly in hot climates, and these burns can become difficult effects to remove unless they are treated immediately; Therefore, you should first remove the new burns, and then remove the old effects if possible, and there are easy recipes to make natural masks to remove them, some of them will mention during this article.Symptoms of sunburnRedness of the skin or the body of the skin and its glow, and a feeling of great heat.It is severe in the skin, with a strong desire to scratch all the time.Peeling and drying of the skin after a day or two on burning.Sunburn damageSome problems can affect the skin due to continuous sun exposure:Grains on the area exposed to the sun, such as the face, hands and others.Wrinkles around the eyes and in the area exposed to the sun in abundance.Spots and black spots.Skin cancer in intractable and advanced cases.Mask to eliminate the effects of sunburnHoney and avocado: It is an effective mask to restore the moisture of the skin, the sun’s rays cause its loss

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and make the skin dry, and the avocado provides the skin with moisture, while the honey treats the burned skin, in addition to what they provide people provide the necessary nutritional skin; To make this mask, you need to bring half a grain of avocado, half a tablespoon of coconut oil and two teaspoons of honey, and it is prepared by mashed avocado and mix it with oil and honey well, then put it on the damaged skin And leave it for about 15 minutes, then remove it with the help of hot water.Mint mask: This is one of the appropriate and wonderful masks for summer, because it calms the skin burned due to the sun and sends a cold and comfortable feeling, in addition to that, it helps to get rid of some of the problems that result from the sun, such as grains and black spots; To make this mask, several sheets of fresh mint paper, a little turmeric powder and a quantity of lukewarm water must be prepared, and it is prepared by placing mint leaves in the blender with lukewarm water and turmeric, and mixed well, then the The mask should be placed on the face and left for 10 minutes almost, then wash the face with cold water.Milk mask: milk is known as its effective properties to treat t

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he effects of sunburn; This is due to the soothing benefits of the skin; It helps reduce redness and heat resulting from exposure to the sun, and it is used by applying a quantity of milk on the face and leaving it for about 15 minutes or until it dries completely, then wash it with warm water and dry it with a clean towel.Was the item helpful?

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A mask to remove the effects of the sun

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