A mixture of neck whitening

1 honey and tomatoes

A mixture of neck whitening – Contents
1 honey and tomatoes
2 optional
3 almonds
4 walnuts
5 lemon juice
6 banana
7 tips for a white neck
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Honey and tomatoes

Honey is an excellent moisturizer for the skin, as it is used in countless skin and skin treatments, and dark spots on the neck can be eliminated by mixing honey with well tomato juice, and put it on the dark areas for twenty minutes, as repeating This daily mixture helps to whiten the neck in a quick way. [1]


The option is ideal to clean the skin and cool the irritating areas, when you cut it and apply it on the neck helps to exfoliate the skin and remove dead cells, and cucumber juice or cucumber cucumber can also be used as it is placed in the same way, with massage for a few minutes and left for twenty minutes to get a beautiful neck. [1]


Eating almonds is very important to make the skin shiny, as it helps to nourish the skin, as it gives the skin the adequate moisture it needs, and when mixing almond powder, milk and honey, this will give effective results to get rid of The darkness of the neck, where the mixture should be left for 30 minutes on the areas to be lightened, then wash them well. [1]


Walnut contain

2 option

s a large group of vitamins that help nourish the skin, where walnuts can be mixed with milk and used as a scrub to get rid of dark spots on the neck, where the putty is used gently on the areas to be treated for 15 minutes, then it can be washed off easily, and the difference will be observed the elder after a period of using this method. [1]


Lemon juice mixture works like magic to get rid of black neck, because it contains natural materials that in turn help to preserve a clean neck, because it is placed on cotton and applied to the black area and left for twenty minutes, then wash It with warm water, and it is also advisable to avoid exposure to the sun after using lemon juice on the skin, and if the skin is sensitive, the lemon juice should be diluted with water. [1]


Bananas are important to brighten the neck, because it contains antioxidants, and these substances help to eliminate wrinkles, make the skin bright, and prepare the mixture, the banana is mixed with a teaspoon of olive oil, then put it on the neck, and leave it for 10-15 minutes, and then wash it with cold water. [2]

White neck tips

There are some tips that can be followed for a white neck, in

3 almonds

cluding the following: [3]

Using a skin lightening cream: creams that contain hydroquinone that help whiten the skin, shrink its pores and recommended directions should be followed on the package to ensure better results.
Consult a doctor: consult a dermatologist on methods of renewing the skin on the neck. There are many medical treatments for this area, including laser therapy, cosmetic procedures and removal of surface layers of skin.

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A mixture of neck whitening

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