A mixture to remove black around the eyes

1 dark circles around the eyes

A mixture to remove black around the eyes – “Contents1 dark circles around the eyes2 The causes of dark circles around the eyes3 mixtures to treat dark circles4 referencesBlack circles around the eyesDark circles are considered as skin problems and cause inconvenience and embarrassment for their owner, as the human face looks tired and exhausted, and is considered as one of the problems that are difficult to eliminate, and it has many reasons, and in Return There are many ways through which we can solve this problem, and that’s what we will know that it is in this article. [1]Causes of darkness around the eyesCauses of darkness around the eyes: [2]Before the menstrual syndrome: there are girls when the menstrual cycle approaches dark circles begin to appear, and this is the result of the changes that occur in the hormones.Genetic factor: The genetic factor plays an important role in the emergence of dark circles, in which case specialized creams are used to hide these auras.Injection of the nose: because it affects the blood vessels around the eyes, and thus the darkness is formed.Dilatation of blood vessels.Lack of sleep and fatigue.Significant exposure to the sun.Exposure to the computer screen and TV screen.Adrenal gland

2 The causes of blackness around the eyes

problems.Smoking.Mixture to treat dark circlesMixture to treat dark circles: [3]Potatoes: grate a potato kernel gently, add a quantity of ice cubes, put the mixture around the eyes and leave it for a while.Milk: mix a small amount of cold milk, add ice cubes, put the mixture in a bowl, then bring a piece of cotton, soak it with milk and put it on the affected area and repeat the use of this recipe every day, until we get the result we want.Option: mix slices of cucumber with ice cubes and put the mixture around the eyes, continuing to use it until we get the best resultTomato juice: mix a teaspoon of tomato juice paste with half a tablespoon of lemon juice and a small amount of white flour, spread the mixture on the area around the eyes, leave it for half an hour and rinse with warm water well.Parsley: Mix a small amount of parsley with a quantity of sour cream well, spread the mixture around the eyes, wet our hands with water, squeeze the mixture, then put it in a piece of cloth and wash it with cold water.Quraysh cheese: We put the bandage of a quantity of cottage cheese, put it under the eyes, leave it for fifteen minutes and we continue to use this recipe regularly, and with ti

3 mixtures to treat dark circles

me we will notice the result.Tea bags: We use in this recipe red or green tea bags, and they are by cooling the used tea bags in the refrigerator, leaving them for ten minutes, and then put them on the area surrounding the eyes, where it relieves swelling, bloating, and reduces dark circles.the reviewerWas the article helpful?

A mixture to remove black around the eyes

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