A natural recipe for body whitening

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A natural recipe for body whitening – ” Contents1 body bleaching2 natural recipes for body bleaching3 tips for natural body bleaching4 referencesBody whiteningEveryone seeks to achieve a clear skin and blemishes, but exposure to many harmful external factors, such as pollution, ultraviolet rays, stress and fatigue, and even a diet is not solid, all these things harm the skin and skin in general and make them look pale, as they show them in an unbalanced color due to the occurrence of pigmentation. [1] Many resort to the use of cosmetics to whiten the body and detect it, but most of these products contain harmful chemicals and other substances that cause multiple damage to the skin to make it pale and unhealthy, and the best solutions to get a bright skin, light and empty among the spots and signs is the use of ingredients of natural and safe use that are effective and strong, protect the skin and eliminate the bacteria that harm it, and in this article we will talk about these recipes and tips that help achieve this end. [1]Natural recipes for body bleachingNatural recipes are ingredients to be used safely adapted to the skin and help to lighten the skin naturally and effectively. Including:[2]LemonadeLemon juice conta

2 Natural recipes for body whitening

ins acids that help whiten the skin areas, peeling off the top layer of dark skin cells and are used in this lemon juice solution recipe, to avoid irritation of the skin of pure lemon juice. The method is: [2]ingredients:A quantity of pure lemon juice.A quantity of water (equal to the lemon juice).A piece of absorbent cotton.how to prepare:Reduce the lemon with water.It is placed on the skin with the help of cotton.Leave for fifteen minutes.Wash with lukewarm water.An appropriate moisturizer is applied.It is used two or three times a week.Milk and lemonMilk contains enzymes that help to lighten and moisturize the skin, equivalent to the characteristic of dryness in the lemon, and the way to prepare this recipe is:[2]ingredients:One cup of whole milk.Lemon juice.How to prepare:The bath of lukewarm water is followed.Milk and lemon juice are placed in the bathtub and they are distributed evenly in the bathtub.The body is soaked in water for twenty minutes.Wash the body with pure water.It is used once a week.Mask with honey and yogurtYogurt contains enzymes that open the skin effectively, while honey contains moisturizing and anti-bacterial properties, and when they use these ingredien

3 tips for whitening the body in natural ways

ts together, they form a nutritious mask for the skin. The method is:[2]ingredients:A quantity of honey.A quantity of milk is similar to the quantity of honey.how to prepare:Mix the ingredients together.Put the body.Leave for fifteen minutes.Wash with warm water.Chickpea flour and lemon juiceChickpea flour is a natural ingredient that has the ability to lighten the skin, while lemon juice helps to peel the skin, and how they use them together are:[2]ingredients:A quarter cup of chickpeas.Sufficient amount of lemon juice.how to prepare:Mix the ingredients to make a thick paste.The paste is placed on the washed skin areas.Leave for fifteen minutes.Wash with lukewarm water.Turmeric and milkTurmeric and milk help to whiten and brighten the skin, and how they use them:[2]ingredients:One tablespoon of turmeric.One amount of milk or lemon juice.how to prepare:Mix the ingredients in a bowl to make a thick mixture.It is placed on the washed skin.Leave for fifteen minutes.Wash with warm water.Aloe vera and brown sugarAloe vera helps to moisturize the skin, it contains a high percentage of water, as its gel contains effective antioxidants and contains elements of zinc, magnesium and selenium

that help to protect the skin from damage caused by sunlight and exposure to pollution, so Aloe Vera is effective and strong to whiten the skin, as for brown sugar, peel the skin to get a glowing skin, and the sugar contains glycolic acid that helps to control melanin. [3]ingredients:Two teaspoons of brown sugar.Two teaspoons of aloe vera gel.how to prepare:Mix the ingredients together.Gently massage in circular motions to exfoliate skin areas.Wash off with water.Note: precautions should be used to use sunscreen when going out.Aloe vera, honey and milkThis recipe helps control melanin production, resulting in a brighter and more even skin tone:[3]ingredients:One teaspoon of aloe vera gel.One teaspoon of milk.Half a teaspoon of honey.how to prepare:Mix the ingredients together.Put on the skin with a gentle massage with fingers.Leave overnight.Wash with warm water the next morning.Used daily.Tips to whiten the body naturallyThere are many tips that help whiten the body skin quickly and naturally without any side effects, at a small cost, including the following: [4]Drink enough water: water accounts for seventy percent of the body, which makes it play an important and essential role

in maintaining the functions of all parts of the body, and helps water to produce skin cells and contributes to the achievement of a glowing skin, Light color, and a young woman, and the amount of drinking water is at least two liters per day.Getting enough sleep: Sleep is one of the most important factors that help whiten the skin of the face and body, because proper sleep early with some morning exercises leads to skin sweating and opening the pores to get a bright and beautiful skin .Sunscreen: Sun exposure is constantly one of the most important reasons that make the skin color dark and pale, so the condom should be applied to avoid sunburn and protect the skin without the harmful effects of sunlight, and it should be used with The degree of protection of 30 in case of outing, but for internal activities, a protector can be used the sun with a degree of protection 15.Exfoliation of the skin and skin: the dead and excessive skin cells help to make the skin dark and pale, and it should be removed on the light white skin, and there are natural recipes that help to exfoliate the skin to get rid of the dead skin cells.Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables: eating fresh fruits and vege

tables is necessary to whiten the skin and is important in the balanced diet, and fresh fruits and vegetables contain many vitamins and minerals beneficial for the skin.the reviewerWas the article useful?

A natural recipe for body whitening

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