A natural remedy for blackness under the eye

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A natural remedy for blackness under the eye – ” Contents1 black under the eye2 natural recipes for the treatment of blackness under the eyeThe blackness is under the eyeThe problem of darkness under the eyes or dark circles is one of the most important problems that many people suffer, and it is the result of certain reasons, including: direct exposure to sunlight, psychological pressure and the use of cosmetic materials in an exaggerated way, genetic factors, severe tension and anxiety and other reasons that lead to dark circles, and therefore it is necessary to follow the natural recipes for their treatment, which we will mention in this article.Natural recipes for the treatment of darkness under the eyeAlmond oil and rose waterIngredients:Two tablespoons of rose water.One tablespoon of almond oil.how to prepare:Put rose water and almond oil in a deep bowl.Mix the ingredients well.Dip a clean piece of cotton in the resulting mixture and place it under your eyes.Leave the cotton ball for at least half an hour until the mixture is completely dry.Wash the eyes with a well of lukewarm water, with the use of this treatment once a day regularly for a whole month, to get an effective result for a short period of time, because almon

2 Natural recipes for the treatment of blackness under the eye

d oil contains vitamin K Tre and improves the skin, prevents its dryness and balances the level of water in the skin which helps to get rid of dark circles and bloating under the eyes.Yeast and starchIngredients:One teaspoon of yeast.One teaspoon of starch powder.Half a tablespoon of olive oil, natural sesame oil and liquid natural honey.How to prepare:Put the yeast and starch in a large glass dish.Add olive oil, sesame oil and natural honey and mix the ingredients well.Apply the mixture under the eyes and apply it well with your fingers, taking into account the completeness of the eyelid area.Leave the mixture for half an hour until it dries completely.Wash the face with lukewarm water, and this recipe is best to repeat once a day for about half a month until a noticeable result is obtained.Sandalwood and rose waterIngredients:Half a tablespoon of ground sandalwood powder.One tablespoon of rose water.how to prepare:Mix the sandalwood powder and rose water well.Incorporate the ingredients well for a soft, solid paste.Apply the paste under the eyes and massage gently for five minutes.Leave the paste on for ten minutes until the skin is well absorbed.Rinse face with warm water and so

ap well.Lemon juice and glyceriningredients:A few drops of fresh lemon juice.1 tablespoon of glycerin.Natural Roses.how to prepare:Put the rose petals in a bowl and grind them well with a small amount of water.Add lemon juice and glycerin and mix the ingredients well.Put the mixture under the eyes, rubbing for two minutes.Leave the mixture on for about five minutes.Wash your face with warm water, and it is best to use this treatment once a day before going to bed for five continuous days.Was the article helpful?

A natural remedy for blackness under the eye

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