A recipe for lengthening eye eyelashes

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A recipe for lengthening eye eyelashes – ” Contents1 eye lashes2 natural recipes to lengthen the eyelashes3 The most important foods that help to lengthen eye lashes4 tips to lengthen the lashes for the eyes5 factors that affect the length of the eyelashes6 referencesLashesThe basic function of eyelashes is to protect the eye from any external effects or to protect it from any body that may approach it. However, these symbols can be weak and fall off due to the infection of the body with various diseases such as alopecia which leads to hair loss, or due to the lack of hydration of the eye. There are also many factors that negatively affect the length of the eyelashes and lead to its fall, including: heredity, lack of nutrition and others. Getting long and dense eyelashes is everyone’s request, as it makes individual eyes more beautiful and attractive. Fortunately, there are many simple steps and natural recipes that help to lengthen the lashes. [1] [2]Natural recipes to lengthen lashesThere are several natural recipes that help lengthen eyelashes, including:Castor oil recipeCastor oil contains many important benefits for the health of the hair, as it encourages its follicles to grow, so it is considered an effective recip

2 Natural recipes to lengthen eyelashes

e for lengthening eyelashes. The way is:[2]ingredients:Two tablespoons of castor oil.Two tablespoons of aloe vera gel.A mixture of mixture.A piece of cotton.How to prepare:The bowl is prepared and the ingredients are placed inside.Mix the ingredients well.The piece of cotton is soaked in the mixture, applied to the lashes and the mixture is left on overnight.The symbols are washed with water the next morning.The recipe is repeated daily for two or three months.Lemon recipeLemon Peel contains vitamins A, germination of hair growth, so it is an effective recipe for lengthening the eyelashes. The way is:[3]ingredients:A lemon peel.A quarter cup of olive oil or castor oil.Small bowl.how to prepare:The lemon peel is cut into small pieces and placed in the bowl.Soak the lemon peel with oil for two to three days.The lemon peel oil is placed on the eyelashes before sleeping.The recipe is repeated every night for satisfactory results.Green tea recipeGreen tea contains antioxidants that help in the growth of eyelashes in a healthy way, and take it and your name quickly. The way is: [3]ingredients:One teaspoon of green tea leaves.One cup of hot water.how to prepare:The tea leaves are added to

3 The most important foods that help to lengthen eye eyelashes

the cup of hot water and let soak for a few minutes.The tea is placed on the lashes after it cools down.Leave the tea on the lashes overnight.The recipe is repeated once a day.Note: The remaining tea can be stored in a tightly closed tray in the refrigerator, as it can be used for 3-4 days.Shea butter recipeGyrum butter contains vitamins A and E, which helps to nourish the hair follicles and encourages its growth, and thus helps to lengthen the lashes. The way is: [3]Ingredients: organic yeast butter.How to prepare:A small amount of shea butter is taken between the fingers, and it is dissolved by rubbing the fingers together.The melted butter is placed on the lashes and left overnight.The recipe is repeated every night.The most important foods that help to lengthen the eye lashesSome foods are recommended to eat, to lengthen the eyelashes because of the important nutrients they contain to lengthen the hair. Including: [4]Salmon: It is useful for the health and growth of hair, because it contains omega -3 fatty acids, and thus helps to lengthen the eyelashes.Greek yogurt: Greek yogurt contains many vitamins, of which vitamin B5 is the most important, which strengthens the movement

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of blood circulation and helps in the growth and intensification of hair.Sabinach: It contains many important nutrients such as: vitamin A, iron, beta -carotene, folic acid and vitamin C, which encourages hair growth.Citrus and guava: it contains vitamin C that prevents hair.Meat and poultry: it contains important proteins, to encourage hair growth.Cinnamon: it strengthens the movement of blood circulation, so it extends the hair follicles with appropriate foods to grow.Tips for lengthening the eyelashesSeveral tips are recommended to apply to lengthen eyelashes for the eyes. Including: [5]Cleaning the lashes: it should continue to keep the lashes always clean, removing dust, dirt or even makeup residue, as it should be removed gently and not sleep with it, and not leave it for long periods of time lashes, as This would hinder its growth and make it fall off.Consult a dermatologist: there are people whose eyelashes are very small, or not even present. This is considered a health risk, as the main purpose of the eyelashes is to protect the eye from dirt and external bodies, so it is necessary to consult a dermatologist, to prescribe the appropriate treatment to lengthen the eyelashe

s.Put oils on the lashes: it is recommended to apply a thin layer of certain types of oils on the lashes before going to sleep, such as olive oil, castor oil or coconut oil. It increases the size and length of lashes if used regularly.Avoid excessive rubbing of the eyes: the individual may be exposed to allergies that forced him to rub the eye severe, then the lashes may fall off from the intensity of rubbing, so it is recommended to take allergies to relieve its disturbing symptoms, and thus protect the lashes from falling off.Trimming the glasses: Trimming the lashes helps to lengthen them, trimming a very small part of it once every two or three months. Trimming encourages the hair to grow, but this should be done under the supervision of a specialist. [3]Factors that affect the length of eyelashesThere are factors that affect the length of eyelashes. Including:[2]Injury to the eye.Hormonal changes.Rubbing the eye.Age.Genetics.Some medical conditions.malnutritionNot removing eye makeup at the end of the day.the reviewerWas the article useful?

A recipe for lengthening eye eyelashes

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