A recipe for removing blackheads

1 Recipe of baking soda and salt

A recipe for removing blackheads – ” Contents1 recipe for baking soda and salt2 cosmetic clay recipes3 Egg Whites Recipe4 referencesBaking soda and salt recipeBaking soda and salt recipe is considered one of the recipes to eliminate blackheads, because of this recipe that works to dry the harmful oils in the skin when its pores are closed, and it is saved from dust, dirt and various impurities, and it is By mixing equal amounts of baking soda and salt, then moisturize the face with water, and the mixture is placed on it with massage and adventure to stay away from the eye, and leave the mixture on the skin for 5 to 10 minutes, then Wash the face with water and the process is repeated in a way that is repeated with a skin without skin. [1]Recipe for cosmetic clayCosmetic clay recipe is one of the home remedies for blackheads, and can be used by mixing a tablespoon of cosmetic clay with a tablespoon of pure water or apple cider vinegar, to become a soft paste that is placed on the areas affected by blackheads, and Left for 15 to 10 minutes until it dries, the face is wiped with a piece of cloth for a few seconds that have been moistened in advance in advance, then wash the skin with cold water. [2]Recipe for egg white

2 cosmetic clay recipe

sThe recipe for egg whites is used in the process of eliminating blackheads from the skin, because eggs among its components contain natural compounds that nourish the skin and give them freshness and vitality and get rid of blackheads and it is by washing the face then drying then beat an egg or two eggs well to get a homogeneous mixture is placed on the skin until it dries and renews another layer on top of the first layer of egg whites, and so on when it gets five layers, the face is washed and a Moisturizer is placed on it, and this process is repeated until the skin gets rid of blackheads. [3]the reviewerWas the article helpful?

3 egg whites recipe

A recipe for removing blackheads

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