A recipe for removing blackness under the eye

1 removal of blackness under the eye

A recipe for removing blackness under the eye – ” Contents1 removal of darkness under the eye2 causes of darkness under the eye3 Blackness under the eye4 referencesRemoval of darkness under the eyeThere are many methods that can be followed to remove blackness under the eye, including the following: [1]Commitment to a healthy food pattern, which contains vitamins and minerals necessary for blood strength and skin, especially vitamin E, vitamin K, vitamin C, folic acid and iron, avoiding avid smoking and completely avoiding alcoholic beverages.Sleep for eight hours a day and do not sleep on high pillows so that blood congestion does not cause lower eyes.Apply topical natural remedies to the dark areas under the eye, such as cold cucumber slices, tea bags, wet compresses of fresh potato juice, lemon juice, castor oil and tomato juice.Eat at least two liters of water a day.Stay away from causes of pressure and stress, get enough rest and avoid sitting for long hours behind the computer screen and electronic devices that cause fatigue of the thin skin under the eyes.See a specialist doctor to treat any organic causes that cause under-eye darkness.Using a high protection sunscreen in the area around the eye, to avoid its staining and

2 Causes of blackness under the eye

blackness, and also prefer to wear sunglasses.Doing the leather exercises under the eye, by massage and light pressure, to stimulate blood circulation and help change the oxidized blood, which causes the appearance of blackness under the eye.Causes of Under Eye DarknessThere are many reasons that can cause blackness under the eye, including the following: [2]The presence of shortness of breath, a lack of oxygen in the blood.Infection by a failure in the work of the kidneys.Eat foods and drinks, such as pasteurized milk, added hormones, processing pills, vegetables and fruits that are added to them insecticides and hormones, so it is best to eat foods that are not treated with hormones.Use bad commercial cosmetics and leave them in the skin under the eye without removing it.Pre-menstrual syndrome infection, for women, where darkness appears under the eye several days before the menstrual cycle, as a result of fluid retention in the body.Genetic causes, related to the emergence of such a situation among a number of family members.The occurrence of swelling and enlargement in the blood vessels under the eye, due to sleeping on high pillows.Sinus congestion.Not getting enough sleep.An

3 Blacks under the eye

emia.Exposure to pressure, stress and tension.Excessive smoking, alcoholic drinks.The skin is exposed to dehydration due to a lack of fluid in the body.Black is under the eyeBlack under the eye is considered one of the problems that affects people in abundance, especially women, because the thin skin in the lower eye appears to be dark, pale and black, which affects the aesthetic appearance of the face in general, and it It should be noted that the blackness under the eye is formed as a result of many reasons. [3]]the reviewerWas the article useful?

A recipe for removing blackness under the eye

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