A recipe for removing stretch marks

1 stretching the skin

A recipe for removing stretch marks – ” Contents1 stretching the skin2 natural recipes to eliminate stretch marks3 potato juice4 referencesExtensibleA problem that stretches the skin is one of the annoying skin problems that many people are exposed to, which is the appearance of white lines on the surface of the skin, as it appears largely on certain areas of the body, such as: Thighs, The abdomen, arms and buttocks, and one of the reasons for its appearance is weight gain, or its decrease considerably, and during pregnancy in a woman, it can be treated with the help of many creams and industrial treatments sold in pharmacies, or by natural methods , and in this article we will mention some natural recipes to eliminate the signs of skin stretching. [1]Natural recipes to eliminate stretch marksThere are several natural recipes to eliminate stretch marks, including:[2]Aloe Vera: Aloe vera is used by placing a piece of it on the affected area, rubbing it well in a circular manner, and leaving it on the skin for a period of no more than fifteen minutes, then washing it off with soap and water.Lemon juice: this recipe is prepared by applying a sufficient amount of fresh lemon juice on the skin, with a circular massage using

2 Natural recipes to remove stretch marks

the tips of the fingers, and leave it for a period of at least ten minutes, then wash it off with warm Well water, as lemon contains anti-oxidants that are treated various skin problems and recovery of natural skin color, in addition to alleviating the difficult pain of wounds.Olive oil: Olive oil is one of the best oils that contain important and useful elements for skin care, and to treat its various problems, such as dryness, peeling, dark circles, etc., it can be applied by rubbing the affected area completely, leaving it for a third of an hour, then rinse the area with warm water and this recipe can be repeated twice a week; For remarkable results for a limited period.Cocoa butter: Prepare with two tablespoons of cocoa butter on the affected area and gently grease; This is to avoid damaging the skin, leaving only a few minutes, then it always uses a clean cotton, and it is advisable to repeat this process twice a day for a whole month, because cocoa butter is considered a natural preparation, which is largely Used to moisturize the skin and increase its flexibility.Eggs: eggs treat various skin problems, such as: tighten the skin, get rid of annoying wrinkles; It contains a l

3 potato juice

arge amount of protein and amino acids, and it can be used by beating an egg, applying it to the area, leaving it for half an hour until it dries completely, and then wash it with warm water.Potato juicePotato juice is one of the materials that go into skin care and beauty recipes; It contains many important vitamins and minerals to remove dead skin cells, forming new cells and helping to strengthen them, and it can be used by applying enough on the areas affected by stretch marks, leaving it for half an hour until it dries completely, Then wash it with a well of lukewarm water, preferably repeat this recipe daily for an excellent result in a short period of time. [3]the reviewerWas the article useful?

A recipe for removing stretch marks

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