A recipe for removing the effects of pills from the body

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A recipe for removing the effects of pills from the body – ” Contents1 body pills2 recipe to eliminate the effects of body pills3 tips to prevent grains and their effects4 other ways to treat the effects of body pills5 referencesBody pillsYoung love is an embarrassing skin condition and leaves annoying scars. The dermatologist can help eliminate inflammatory scars, and the healing process needs a few months, but by using the natural home remedies available to us, we can speed up the treatment of these scars while adhering to some important skin care tips. [1 1.]]A recipe to eliminate the effects of body pillsNatural recipes are a suitable solution to help relieve the effects of cereals, and these recipes are: [1]LemonadeLemon juice contains skin whitening properties, and its acid degree is 2, while the acidity of the skin is 7-4, and lemon juice uses serious care, because it can cause chemical burns; It contains a chemical called Bergapten, which is associated with DNA, so that ultraviolet rays pass more easily, so you should avoid exposure to sunlight when applying lemon juice to the face, washing it before exposure and applying sunscreen when you go out. And his method is:[1]ingredients:Fresh lemon juice.Water.how to prepare:Mix equal am

2 Recipe to remove the effects of pills from the body

ounts of water and lemon juice.It is placed directly on the scars.Wash off after 15-25 minutes.The area is moisturized after washing.HoneyHoney is antiseptic that cleans pimples, reduces signs of redness, because it contains anti-bacterial properties, so it calms the skin and is suitable for those who have sensitive skin, because it moisturizes the skin and does not dry it. Pearl powder removes scars and treats acne. And its method is:[1]ingredients:Natural honey.Pearl powder.how to prepare:Mix honey with pearl powder.It is placed directly on the scars.sodium bicarbonateSodium bicarbonate known as baking soda is used to exfoliate the skin and reduce the appearance of young love. The hydrogen number of baking soda is 7, and the optimal hydrogen number for the skin between 4.7 and 5.5 and is an inappropriate environment for acne so that acne can stay a longer period, so the method can be tried more carefully, and its method is:[1]ingredients:One teaspoon of baking soda.Two teaspoons of water.how to prepare:Mix the ingredients together to make a liquid paste.Put the paste on the face and it is rubbed with circular movements.Leave for two minutes.Wash with warm water.Rose oilRose oil c

3 tips to prevent grains and their effects

ontains vitamins and antioxidants that help preserve the skin and make it look healthy and soft, and rose oil is used to treat acne and scars that leave it, and its use regularly eliminates scars and becomes less clear over time, and its The method is:[2]Ingredients: rose oil.How to prepare:The oil is gently penetrated.Apply once or twice a day.Coconut oilCoconut oil contains lauric acid and gravity, which makes it help to reduce acne scars, as it is an antiseptic, and helps to prevent the formation of pills again, and its method is: [2]Ingredients: coconut oil.How to prepare:Massage coconut oil on the affected area.It is applied daily two to four times.Aloe veraAloe vera is widely used in cosmetics and is also used in the treatment of acne scars, and its method is:[2]Ingredients: alwavira paper.How to prepare:The paper is cut and the gel is extracted.It is placed directly on the affected area and rubbed.Let it dry for half an hour.Wash with a moderate cleansing.The recipe is repeated daily.IcicleSnow is used to treat clear and inflamed scars; It reduces swelling, reduces blood vessels over time, reduces the appearance of scars and changed the color. And its method is: [2]Ingredien

4 other ways to treat the effects of body pills

ts: Ice Cube.How to prepare:The ice cube is taken.It is placed in the tissue.It is indicated by the affected areas.Leave for 10 to 15 minutes.AspirinAspirin contains anti-inflammatory properties, and it contains salicylic acid which is used in the treatment of acne, aspirin loses the skin and reduces its dark color, and its method is:[2]ingredients:Four or five aspirin tablets.Natural yogurt or aloe vera gel.how to prepare:Grind aspirin.Add to slider gel or aloe vera.The mixture is placed on the face for 15 minutes.Wash the face with warm water, then dry and moisturize.Tips to prevent grains and their effectsTo reduce pills and their effects from the body, the following tips can be followed:[3]Treat skin wounds: we make sure the wound is clean and sterile by washing it with soap and water, and petroleum jelly can be placed on the wound to help maintain its moisture and prevent its formation.Use of sunscreen: Commitment to using sunscreen reduces the appearance of scars, placing it daily when exposed to the sun.Contact with a dermatologist: In the event that the problem of the pills is aggravated and the redness increases, we rush to the dermatologist.Other ways to treat the effects

of body pillsOther ways to treat the effects of pills:[4]Whitening cream: Skin whitening creams are used if the scars are darker than the skin, and skin care doctors are advised to look for products that contain 2% hydroquinone, corticosteroids and tritenne.Vitamin E: Vitamin E is used to treat suppressed tissues and contains strong antioxidants that help the skin fight free radicals, heal and produce new cells, eat a capsule daily or Poor appearance of the scar, and can be described without needing a prescription.Chemical peel: a chemical peel is used to treat surface scars and acne effects. Glycolic acid is the most acidic used for chemical peeling because it is suitable for all skin types and has the ability to renew the skin. When you apply it to the skin, it combs it and the skin is shown underneath, eliminating the damaged skin layer. It is used in a rate of 20% or less if the peel is used for the first time.Lacquered Acid: Lacquered acid is a chemical exfoliation that treats acne scars and is good for all skin types, and is the least used acid.Laser Therapy: The laser removes the top layers of skin with acne, which appears damaged and heavily stained, leaving the skin under

neath is tighter and smoother. The laser causes pain and the doctor usually uses a topical anesthetic. Laser therapy takes one hour and several sessions are repeated depending on the severity of the scars. [2]the reviewerWas the article helpful?

A recipe for removing the effects of pills from the body

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