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A solution for blackheads – “Contents1 Blackheads2 The reasons for the appearance of blackheads on the skin3 Ways to eliminate blackheads4 tips for skin healthblackheadsMany people suffer from the problem of blackheads appearing on the skin, because these heads are initially blisters without a layer of leather covering them, then oxidize blackheads, where this problem usually suffers more than men, and these blackheads appear on the facial area, chin, nose, forehead and the appearance of these heads strive to deform the face of the face in particular and affects the beauty in general.The reasons for the appearance of blackheads on the skinIncreased secretion of fats in the skin, especially the face, forehead and chin, and these fats that are excreted mix with the skin cells and dry, then accumulate on the surface of the skin and block its pores, constitute these blackheads, and the Oily skin with open pores is an essential factor, a vital and rich environment for growth as these pimples turn them into black heads.Neglecting to clean the skin and not taking care of it in a healthy way.Do not get rid of dead skin cells on the face.Leaving the makeup remains on the face and not cleaning it well before going to s

2 The reasons for the appearance of blackheads on the skin

leep, gradually leading to the closing of the skin pores and thus the appearance of pimples and the formation of blackheads.Ways to remove blackheadsUse of cosmetics that help remove blackheads.Put honey after a little heat on the skin for 15 to 20 minutes, focusing on the areas that contain blackheads, then wash with water.Use the mixture of vinegar and starch, where we mix the starch with a little vinegar until the consistency of the mixture becomes creamy, put it on the blackheads and leave it until it dries, then rub it with your fingers to leave the opportunity for these heads to disappear because of the friction.Use the mixture of lemon and rose water, where we mix lemon juice with rose water, put it on the face and leave it for 20 to 30 minutes, wash it with warm water and repeat the process once a day for two weeks.Put the potato juice after squeezing a potato, on the blackheads and let it dry, then rub it and wash it well with water.Use the mixture of honey with cinnamon, where three tablespoons of honey are mixed with one tablespoon of cinnamon, then put the mixture on the skin for an hour, then the skin is washed with warm water.Use almonds with rose water, where a group

3 ways to remove blackheads

of almond fruits are crushed and mixed with a little rose water, then put it on the face and wait for it to dry, rubbing and washing the face after rubbing with water.Use the mixture of oatmeal with rose water, where we grind the oats and mix it with a little rose water, then put the mixture on the face focusing on the areas that contain blackheads and leave it for twenty minutes, then rub the face and Wash it with water.Use orange peel: where the orange peel is crushed and milk is added to it to become a mixture, then put the mixture on the face and rub the face for ten minutes, then wash it with warm water.Tips for skin healthEat plenty of water, especially in the morning, throughout the day and between meals regularly, as water keeps the skin moist and fresh.Use a moisturizer under makeup to protect the skin from external effects.Reducing the use of perfumes, as excessive use, works to irritate the sebaceous glands and increase their secretion because it contains a percentage of alcohol.Clean the skin continuously and do not express pimples so that it does not increase and spread to the skin.Was the article useful?

4 Tips for Skin Health

A solution for blackheads

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