A solution for blackness under the eye

1 black under the eye

A solution for blackness under the eye – ” Contents1 black under the eye2 natural recipes to get rid of the blackness under the eye3 reasons for the appearance of blackness under the eyeThe black is under the eyeBlack under the eye or dark circles are dark spots that appear circularly around the eye area; Therefore, I was called circles, and it is considered one of the problems that many people suffer, and the face shows unhealthy and inappropriately, so some people resort to the use of various chemical creams, but sometimes they do not solve the problem of their The roots, and can give a temporary result associated with the treatment period only, so we will mention some natural recipes that help get rid of this problem.Natural recipes get rid of blackness under the eyeAlmond oilAlmond oil is one of the natural oils that contains important elements for the health of the skin, and effective anti-anti-enantic properties, as it is one of the best treatments that can be used to treat the darkness under the eyes, applying an appropriate amount of the appropriate amount of this oil on the area of the auras and massaging it gently. This is the best way to achieve the desired result.OptionCucumber contains many therapeutic proper

2 Natural recipes get rid of blackness under the eye

ties of the skin, in addition to its ability to unify and lighten the color of the skin, and to benefit from it, three slices of fresh cucumber are placed in the refrigerator for half an hour, then placed under the eyes For ten minutes, and the face is washed with cold water and half can be squeezed a grain of cucumber, mix the juice with an equal amount of lemon juice, and then put on the auras, leave it for fifteen minutes with a gentle massage , then wash the face with water.PotatoesPotatoes contain properties and natural materials that have the ability to whiten the skin, as well as get rid of dark circles and bloating that appear around the eyes, and delay the signs of aging and aging, soaking a piece of cotton with potato juice, apply the face with them, concentrating on an area under the eyes and leaving the mixture fifteen minutes on the face, or until it dries, and wash it with cold water.Rose waterRose water has been used for many years to treat skin problems, and its effectiveness has proven positive; It helps renew and build skin cells, making it one of the most common substances that treat dark circles, and it is used to soak it by soaking a piece of cotton with rose w

3 Reasons for the appearance of blackness under the eye

ater, and place them under the eyes for fifteen minutes, Then wash the face with cold water.Reasons for the appearance of darkness under the eyePractice bad habits, such as smoking and hookah.Excessive consumption of stimuli such as coffee and tea, or drinking alcohol.Watching late at night, sleeping during the day.Poor nutrition that causes anemia; This is one of the most important reasons that lead to the appearance of darkness under the eyes and increase the pallor of the face.The presence of genetic causes.Put a large amount of salt in the food.Was the article useful?

A solution for blackness under the eye

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