A solution for dark circles

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A solution for dark circles – ” Contents1 eye2 dark circlesEyeAl Ain is one of the most important members of the face, and therefore women belong to it with great care and attention, regardless of the age of a woman, and the most problems that bother women with its eyes is the appearance of dark circles at the bottom of it, and this is a problem that many women suffer from and cause them severe embarrassment; Because it shows the face in severe fatigue and clear exhaustion.It should be noted here that dark circles are not limited to women only, but men also suffer from them, and in this article we will learn what dark circles are, the reasons leading to their appearance and their treatment methods.Dark circlesIt is the delicate skin at the back of the eye, which is free of fat and glands, and therefore it greatly reflects the color of blood, and this gives the ancestral area of the eyelid a darker color than the original skin color.Reasons for the emergence of dark circlesThere are many reasons for the appearance of dark circles under the eyes, and these reasons are:Menstrual cycle: some women and girls suffer from the appearance of their dark circles, when the menstrual period approaches The disruption of the

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sleep system they have, in addition to their interruption of appetite, all this leads to the appearance of dark circles under the eye.Genetic factors: Genetics is an important reason for the presence of dark circles. If they are caused by genetic factors, it is difficult to find a solution for them.Nose problems: sinus, congestion and cold related, and all these problems affect the blood vessels of the eyes, enlarge their size, which affects the area around the eyes, and the dark circles appear.Anemia: Anemia, and lack of iron in the body, is one of the most common problems that affect human health in general, and the nature of its skin and activity, which leads to the appearance of dark circles under the eyes.Insomnia and fatigue: Sleeping for continuous and sufficient hours gives freshness, radiance and vitality to the skin, and vice versa, lack of sleep and insomnia leads to the appearance of the effects of fatigue on the face, which facilitates the appearance of dark circles under the eyes.Sunlight: Constant exposure to the sun and for long hours, escapes and weakens the layer of the skin, especially under the eyes; Because it is very thin, it affects its color, changes it and

thus the dark circles are formed.Smoking: smoking causes the blood vessels to contract and shrink, preventing oxygen from reaching the blood, which affects the color of the skin, and thus the appearance of the circles.Aging: The older a person gets, the thicker the skin becomes, thus increasing the clarity of the blood vessels underneath it, which gives the dark color to the skin under the eyes of older people.Treating dark circlesScientifically, for every drug, as well as dark circles, and not as some people think it lacks treatment, and that it is a problem that has no solution, and perhaps the most appropriate and successful treatment for dark circles is the treatment of the reason for Its appearance and treatment, as for naturally: there are many ways in which dark circles are treated under the eyes, and among these methods:Put the slices of cucumber on the eyes of the eyes, because cucumber contains an effective substance to get rid of the effects, colors and dark spots.Use cold water compresses; So that the blood vessels remain inhibitors, thus hiding the auras caused by the width of the blood vessels.Fill the eye area to the cold tea compresses; To eliminate existing flatule

nce.Make sure to sleep for continuous and sufficient hours at a rate of 6-8 hours a day, as this gives the brightness and freshness of the face.Eat healthy foods that contain nutrients and do not follow diets without consulting a doctor.Drink enough water, up to ten cups a day.Avoid exposure to the sun for long periods of time and avoid long and repeated exposure.Was the article helpful?

A solution for dark circles

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