A way not to eat nails

1 Usually biting nails

A way not to eat nails – “Contents1 Usually biting the nails2 Blinds for not biting nails3 Treating the problem of biting nails in children4 tips for healthy nails5 vitamins for nail development6 causes of nail biting7 risk of eating nails8 referencesUsually bites the nailsThe problem of biting nails is one of the problems between children and adolescents, and it is one of the rejected and unpleasant habits, knowing that psychiatric doctors considered it as an illness caused by emotional or medical disorders; When studies have indicated that there are no causes, nor dynamic motives for the practice of this behavior, and it is only the result of psychological pressure to which a person may be exposed or satisfactory behavioral disorders, in addition to this, it may be an acquired behavior. [1]It is also considered to leave smoking in adults one of the main causes of nail biting; Where the cigarette that ran the hands is replaced by biting nails, and the reason for this habit may also be when some people feel shy and very modest in childhood, and adolescence, as they accompany them when they grow up as an automatic habit to think about them. [1]Right not to bite the nailsOne of the most important ways that i

2 Blinds for not biting the nails

s recommended to be used to get rid of the habit of biting the nails is the following: [2]Keep the nails short and trim them regularly.Cover the nails, using dedicated pieces of silicone material, so that they are placed on the nails, and it is possible to cover the nails, wearing the gloves.Placing the nail polish (nail); This gives the person to the gravity of the nails and its appeal, and makes it disservative to preserve its beauty.Nail polish with the nail polish material, which is characterized by its bitter taste; To help get rid of this habit.Patience, and take time to get rid of the habit of biting the nails, knowing that anyone may need about 21 days to get rid of the customs and forget them.Fold the skin at the bottom of the nail back, and thus it will be longer, more beautiful and attractive, which gives the person the motivation to leave the nail biting. [3]Eat healthy foods that give a person a youthful feeling and help repair the nails, develop them better and stronger, such as foods that contain calcium and magnesium, because calcium and magnesium deficiency in the body can be one of the reasons for acquiring the biting nail. [3]Hands work by practicing other things

3 Treating the problem of biting nails in children

when you feel the need to bite the nails, such as: preoccupation with a gameplay, playing with dough or putting your hands inside the pockets.Practice a useful hobby, and concern with it, such as: crochet, sewing and others. [3]Oral occupation, chewing incense, drifting water or putting candy in the pocket and eating it when needed. [3]Putting a guarantee, or adhesive around the nail, and maintain the putty daily; To get rid of the habit of biting the nails, knowing that it may take several weeks. [3]Treating the problem of biting nails in childrenIn what comes a set of tips that can help treat the problem of nail biting in children: [4]Securing the basic needs of the child, offering appropriate and healthy food, giving him enough time to play and satisfy his need for security, love and tenderness.Working the child with useful work; This is to distract his attention from biting nails, such as: manual works or studies.Working the child’s free time with a set of activities and hobbies; This is to facilitate the process of forgetting the nail biters.Lack of teasing of the child who bites his nails; As teasing can make the child cling more to this habit, making it more difficult to ge

4 tips for healthy nails

t rid of it.Remember that the child usually leaves nail biting when practicing in a friendly way, away from punishment, but it should be reinforced when he responds to the bite of the nails, with a material or moral reward.Tips for healthy nailsIn what comes a set of tips that help to get healthy and healthy nails: [2]Keep the nails clean and dry; So that it is not vulnerable to infections and scales.Wear rubber gloves when using cleaning materials.Maintain and clean nails.Use nail strengthener that can be purchased in the drugstore; This makes it stronger.Not to excessive use of cosmetic nail preparations.Consult a doctor when there are nail problems.Vitamins for nail developmentNails need a group of vitamins that help to strengthen them and make them grow: [3]Protein: It can be obtained from white meat, broken meat and spinach.Zinc: Found in red meat, legumes and shellfish.Magnesium: Found in pumpkin seeds and dark chocolate.Calcium: Found in leafy vegetables, chia seeds and nuts.Biotin: Found in bananas, peanuts and raids.Basic fatty acids: Found in salmon, tuna and leafy greens.Causes of spicinessThere are many reasons that make the individual infected with this habit, and it i

s due to the vulnerability to three main reasons: [5]Hereditary physical causes: which cause discomfort and nervousness; Due to the presence of a physical or genetic disease, such as: worm or problems of the respiratory system that affect breathing strongly, hormonal disorders or acclamatory problems.Psychological reasons: it causes a feeling of instability, as the feeling of the individual of not wanting it, and his need of appreciation and attention, in addition to his need to feel the love of the others for him, their interest for him and his need to succeed.Social reasons: it is the difficulty of adapting the individual with his colleagues, and not being taken with them, or their courses of movements, behaviors and games, which can give the individual a feeling of distress and nervousness.The risk of eating nailsUsually, biting risks and many consequences, the most important of which are the following: [2]Nails usually cause pain, infectious infections that affect the nails and the skin around the nails.This habit leads to the destruction and spoiling of the tissues responsible for the development of nails.Eating nails usually affects the external appearance of the nails.It cau

ses a defect in the development of the nails.It exposes the person who practices this habit for various diseases and repeated colds; Due to bacteria, viruses under the nails.The nails usually cause teeth.the reviewerWas the article useful?

A way not to eat nails

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