A way to fattens the face

1 Facial fattening

A way to fattens the face – ” Contents1 Facial fattening2 natural recipes to fatten the faceFacial fatteningThere is no doubt that the majority of women dream of fat and full cheeks to increase their femininity and increase the beauty of the face, its splendor and attractiveness, and because the majority of women are dieting to achieve the ideal weight and graceful body, this negatively affects the skin and face, making it thinner, and therefore the woman looks older.There are many treatments to experience the face and available in pharmacies and skin experts, but natural remedies are always the best because they are cheaper and have no side effects that you can leave on the skin, and through the article, we will offer You my lady some natural remedies to treat the thinner face and make it fuller.Natural recipes to fatten the faceThere are natural recipes for fake face fat as follows:Yeast and honeyAnd mix with a teaspoon of instant yeast, honey, lemon juice and curd until a firm paste is formed, then spread on the face for a third of an hour, after which the skin is washed with warm water, and the recipe is Repeated four times a week for best results.Amber and almond oilThis is by mixing equal amounts of alm

2 Natural recipes for fattening the face

ond oil, amber oil and corn oil, then the oils are spread on the skin and left for fifteen minutes and when the recipe is repeated daily, full and beautiful cheeks will be obtained.FenugreekAnd mix with a tablespoon of fenugreek powder with a little water until a thick paste is formed, then spread on the cheeks with a massage in circular motions and leave for ten minutes, after which it is rinsed with warm water, and the recipe is repeated once a day, where fenugreek is a good treatment for the skin because it contains important antioxidants of vitamins for the skin.Fenugreek oil and castor oilAn equal amount of castor oil and fenugreek oil is mixed, then the face is applied daily before going to sleep with a gentle massage and without pressure on the skin, and in the morning the skin is washed with cold water.AppleAnd that is to crush an apple pill, then apply it to the face with a massage in light circular motions for five minutes, then leave it on the face for twenty minutes, then rinse with warm water, and repeat the recipe once a day.Shea butter and sugarA cup of shea butter is mixed with three quarters of a cup of sugar well, then the mixture is placed in the refrigerator unt

il it holds, then distributed on the cheeks as the mask and leave for five minutes, then rinse with warm water, then Dry the skin with a soft towel and repeat the process daily to get the best results, because shea butter contains high fatty acids that give the skin flexibility of the cheek.Was the article useful?

A way to fattens the face

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