A way to get rid of blackness under the eyes

1 black under the eyes

A way to get rid of blackness under the eyes – “Contents1 black under the eyes2 causes3 treatment4 natural masks to get rid of itBlack under the eyesBlack is under the eye, or dark circles so called is one of the haunting problems for many; Because it causes an unattractive appearance due to the dark coloration of the skin, for many reasons, especially since the area of skin under the eye is the softest and most sensitive skin areas of internal and external changes in the eye Body, which is the largest area where the true color of the blood appears; As the blackness of this area means that the blood contains many toxins and carbon dioxide. To get rid of the blackness under the eye, it is necessary to know the reasons, then treat them, or try to avoid them, so that the color of the skin in this area returns naturally.Its causesLow oxygen gas in the blood.Constipation.A decrease in blood pressure.The presence of genetic causes.Anemia.Abundance of menstrual cycle in women.Exposure to great mental and physical exhaustion.Not sleeping for enough hours.Sinus and nose congestion.Dry skin.Excessive smoking, hookah and eating alcoholic substances.TreatmentDo complete blood tests, examining the level of oxygen and carbon dioxide.Make sur

2 causes

e to maintain blood pressure.Sleep for at least eight hours a day.Do not expose the body to more physical and nervous stress than its energy.The lack of use of bad cosmetics in an area around the eyes.Commitment to a healthy diet, rich in vitamins, minerals and acids necessary for skin health, especially iron, vitamin C and tannic acid, due to its ability to increase oxygen levels in the blood.Avoid bad daily habits, such as: smoking, hookah and drinking alcoholic substances.Use a good sunscreen.Natural masks to get rid of itSweet almond oil mixed with fresh mint juice; Where it should be applied directly to the area under the eyes, and it is repeated daily to get the best results, and the skin area can be applied under the eyes, massage it with the solution and keep it until the morning.Make compresses of tea bags and put them directly on the eyes.Put the potato slices on the under eye area.Put cucumber slices directly on the skin for at least fifteen minutes a day.Make a mixture of starch, natural honey, sesame oil, olive oil, with equal ingredients, and apply it directly on an area under the eyes.Prepare a mixture of potato juice, fresh mint and a few drops of lemon juice, tomat

3 treatment

o juice and castor oil and put compresses in the area under the eyes that contain this mixture.Was the article useful?

4 natural masks to get rid of it

A way to get rid of blackness under the eyes

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