A way to get rid of dark circles

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A way to get rid of dark circles – “Contents1 Dark auras1.1 The causes of dark circles1.2 Tips to get rid of dark circles1.3 Natural recipes for dark circlesDark circlesEyes are the key to human personality, and give many impressions, especially if they seem to be bright and vital, and dark circles are considered a serious problem for many people, whether male or female, and it is the dark circles surrounding the area of Laayoune in a way that suggests fatigue and exhaustion of its owner even if it is not really tired, and there are many causes behind this ill health, in addition to the difference between the party, get rid of dark circles and in This article we will provide a number of recipes to get rid of this phenomenon, which we will talk about in this article.Causes of dark circlesGenetic factors and genes.Age.Malnutrition.Lack of sleep and staying up for long hours.Stress and fatigue.Endomings and hormones.Dry skin.Smoking, especially gluttony.Bad habits such as alcohol consumption and drug addiction.Tips to get rid of dark circlesLots of vegetables and fruits that help the freshness and vitality of the skin.Using a mask made of natural materials and as far as possible from those that contain chemicals harmfu

1.1 The causes of dark circles

l to the skin and eyes and underneath.Reducing cosmetics, especially foundation under the eyes, because it causes more black.Adequacy of sleep hours, as the number of hours for each person is estimated to be about eight hours per day.Drink water in sufficient quantities, which is estimated at eight cups per day, or about two.Away from the sources of sadness, depression, anxiety and discomfort, as it makes the skin larger than its true owner.Natural recipes for dark circlesGrease sweet almond oil under the eyes, especially before sleeping directly.Put the Segral segments of thin thickness on the eye area and underneath for nearly a quarter of an hour a day.Put the potato slices on the eye area for nearly ten minutes, then rinse the face with warm water after it.Wet a clean white cotton ball with rose water and put it on the eye area for almost fifteen minutes, and it is better if this method is followed twice a week.Put tomato slices on the eyes, as this substance has proven its ability and effectiveness in whitening the skin and getting rid of the darkness under the eyes.Sexting a clean cotton ball with lemon juice and put it on the eye area for almost ten minutes, then wash the fa

1.2 Tips for getting rid of dark circles

ce with lukewarm water afterwards, and repeat this method regularly to get effective results.Grease the eyes with coconut oil, leave the eyes for a few hours and repeat this treatment to get effective results.Was the article useful?

1.3 Natural recipes for dark circles

A way to get rid of dark circles

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