A way to get rid of facial hair

1 facial hair

A way to get rid of facial hair – ” Contents1 Facial hair2 Facial hair removal3 Facial hair removal with olive oil4 referencesHairThe face is considered the subject of everyone, because every woman seeks to take care and care of it, and preserve its smoothness, beauty and quality, so she removes every defect, and perhaps the furthest is the appearance of poetry In her face, which makes her feel embarrassed and lack of self-confidence, so she strives to get rid of it and remove it in a variety of ways, the appearance of hair in the face is due to several things: Such as taking medication This causes this, genetic factors, or because of a defect in the body’s hormones. [1]Facial hair removalThere are several ways to remove hair from the face; As natural recipes that are easily prepared at home, without cost compared to other means, which are favorites of many, but they need patience and perseverance, including:[2]Mixture of lemon and starch: a little lemon juice is mixed, with a spoonful of starch, then placed on excess hair in the face, for ten minutes, and then wash with warm water.Recipe for lemon and honey: we need half a teaspoon of lemon juice; Where it is mixed with two tablespoons of honey, and heated a littl

2 facial hair removal

e on the fire, and after it cools the hair areas of the face and massages from one minute to one minute, and after a quarter of an hour, the face has elapsed, the face is washed with warm water, while continuing to work in this way every week.Flour and lemon: A mask consisting of flour mixed with lemon juice is prepared, placed on the face for a quarter of an hour, and rubbed towards the growth of hair, then wash with warm water.Egg mask: mix half a tablespoon of cornmeal, with an egg white, and add a spoonful of sugar, and become in the form of a paste, placed on the face, and after drying, it is removed quickly.Onions and basil: two onions are cut with ten basil leaves, mixed with each other, so a paste is placed on the face, and after drying, it is washed off. [3]Turmeric and chickpea mask: a quantity of turmeric, chickpeas and milk is mixed, placed on the face, and when it is completely dry, rubbed with the hand to remove it, then wash the face. [4]Facial hair removal via olive oilThe face is applied after removing hair, so it works to reduce hair and delay its growth, and special creams can be used to remove hair, applying the face with, and then remove it, washing the face or

3 Facial hair removal via olive oil

by sugar paste or electric devices designed for this issue, and it has recently been removed hair by laser, where hair has long appeared. [5]the reviewerWas the article useful?

A way to get rid of facial hair

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