A way to get rid of facial shell

1 Facial exfoliation

A way to get rid of facial shell – ” Contents1 facial exfoliation2 ways to peel the facePeelingMany women suffer from the problem of excessive face scales, which are dead skin cells caused by dry skin or unhealthy diet that does not contain enough water or liquids needed to moisturize the skin, in addition to the reasons related to how to wash the face, and so on the skin is exposed to weather factors that help to dry it and thus to the appearance of scales on it; Therefore, the woman begins to look for ways or methods that help her get rid of these scales, and here we will discuss a set of solutions that allow you to do so, the most important of which are the following:Face peeling methodsPuntures: By exposing your face to steam for a period of up to fifteen minutes; Then wash it with warm water after half an hour; Because it works to remove dead scales and skin cells, and all the dirt and impurities accumulate on the face, in addition to clearing the pores of the skin closed.Hot water and soap: by washing the face and scrubbing well with soap and water up to ten minutes, then wash it with water after ten minutes; So they work to eliminate the scales and improve the appearance of the skin, so they look more beautif

2 ways to peeling the face

ul and softer.Use chemical peeling products: it contains a group of water acids that the skin needs, especially alpha acid; Because it relieves the skin of scabs and dead skin cells, and prevents the appearance of pimples and blackheads by removing it for impurities accumulated on the face, and therefore you will get a shiny skin and a fresh face.Soft toothbrushes: this is one of the most useful tools that help to get rid of facial peels and dead cells, and it is by preparing a clean toothbrush and applying it on the skin and rubbing the scale with it, which leads to clean your face And make it beautiful.Sugar: Bring a quantity of ground sugar and a small amount of water in addition to olive oil, then mix it and put it on your skin and rub it well with your hands or with a soft brush; Because the sugar molecules strive to get rid of impurities and dirt that cause facial peeling.Lemon: because it contains many whitening substances for the body, lemon is considered one of the most important and best detergents that are used to clean the face and body as a whole, so prepare a quantity of lemon juice and mix it with a Quantity of rose water and flour, put the resulting mixture on your

face for a period of time and scrub it with the help of a nice brush, To be able to remove the scales of the waves and dead skin cells, in addition to any impurities or other dirt.Was the article useful?

A way to get rid of facial shell

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