A way to grow hair after removing it

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A way to grow hair after removing it – ” Contents1 poem2 natural recipes3 additional recipes using turmeric4 referencesHairHair removal and the search for natural and appropriate ways to stop its growth again is one of the most difficult things that haunt women and girls, despite the development of medicine and the spread of chemical preparations and laser radiation that these methods cause secondary damage during the long run in addition to their high cost, which makes many women in a permanent search for natural ways to stop hair growth after removing it without any damage and low cost. [1]Natural recipesThis is a group of natural recipes that help to stop the growth of hair after removing it: [2]Recipe of lemon and starch or oats: mix a few drops of lemon juice with a tablespoon of oats or starch, then apply the resulting mixture on the area that removes hair and leave it for ten minutes, then rub it using your fingers and with fine circular movements then wash it with warm water.Lupine: Soak an appropriate amount of bitter lupine in a quantity of water and leave them for eight hours, and use the resulting soaked in wiping the places from which the hair was removed, and be sure to repeat the process of investigation

2 Natural recipes

daily for three weeks.Egg mask: mix half a tablespoon of corn powder (starch) and the amount of a tablespoon of sugar, in addition to an egg white, mix the mixture well until you get a soft paste and easy to individual, apply this paste To areas to stop the growth of hair and let it dry completely. After that, remove them.Lemon and honey mask: mix two tablespoons of lemon juice and four tablespoons of honey, mix the mixture well and apply it to your skin and leave it for fifteen minutes after that using cold water, repeat this recipe twice a week to get a guaranteed result.Ginger: rub a piece of fresh ginger on your skin after removing the hair, then leave it for about two hours, then wash it off using warm water and finally grease your skin with a good quality moisturizer, repeat this process after every the time you remove the hair from your skin.Additional recipes using turmericTurmeric has many uses, including that it helps stop hair growth, and these recipes you can use:[3]Turmeric and papaya mask: mix half a tablespoon of turmeric with a well mashed papaya, apply the resulting mixture on the area to stop hair growth and leave for fifteen minutes after that. .Chickpea and turm

3 additional recipes using turmeric

eric mask: mix equal amounts of chickpea and turmeric powder, in addition to a little water, and mix the mixture well until you get a slightly thick paste, apply the resulting paste on the area from which the hair remove and let it dry , then rub it with a wet cloth, then wash it with cold water.the reviewerWas the article helpful?

A way to grow hair after removing it

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