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A way to make the skin soft – ” Contents1 soft skin2 ways to make skin soft3 Avoid the causes of irritation and dry skin4 natural recipes to make the skin soft5 referencesSoft skinNo one likes to have skin that suffers from problems, for both women and men although they do not want coarse skin, skin with a tired appearance or skin with youthful love, or wrinkles or large pores, so some resort to Using high end products that claim to be makes the skin smooth and perfect, and in fact these products are attached to the skin, because it contains hard ingredients on the skin, but this does not mean that getting a smooth and healthy skin is impossible, it is lucky that smoothing and filtering the skin is one of the possible things, and it is from the natural skin care methods from the inside and outside, in addition to following a healthy diet, following healthy procedures and avoiding the issues leading to dryness and irritation of the skin, and we will mention in this article these methods in detail. [1] [2]Ways to make the skin softWhile some ways to make the skin smooth, namely:Skin exfoliation: exfoliating the skin once or twice a week removes the cells of dirt, grease and dead skin, making the skin soft, and pe

2 ways to make the skin soft

eling products available in the markets can be used, or the use of a homemade scrub, such as making a mixture consisting of ground coffee (coffee) and a little bit of light soapy soap. [2]Bathing in the right way: bathing in the wrong way, such as bathing a lot, and for long periods of hot water causes the skin to lose its moisture, eliminating its natural fats, and thus the skin is dehydrated and peeled, So, some tips can be followed to shower in the right way, such as: [2]Bathe daily after a day.Bathe in cold water than hot water.Use a soft cloth or hands to apply soap instead of using the scrubbing tool.Select the bathroom for 5 to 10 minutes.Gently dry the body with a slow or rubbed rhythm using a jump towel.Apply a skin moisturizer while the skin is still damp (wet).Bathe with moisturizing soap, and in case you want to take a second shower during the day, you can only rinse the body with water and quickly, then dry the skin with slowing and apply moisturizer in three minutes. [3 ]]Proper shaving: where it is necessary to shave properly, and it depends on several things, including:[2]Make shaving a final step during the shower.Shave using a moisturizing shaving cream and a mult

3 Avoid the causes of irritation and dry skin

i-ball, sharp blade.Shave toward the hair growth or downward.Treat codes with cold compresses.Always moisturize the skin after shaving.Balm, not soap, can be used as an alternative to expensive shaving creams.Moisturizing the skin: moisturizer should be used daily Wear cotton gloves and socks, as it should make sure to moisturize the skin after showering, after shaving, before applying makeup, after removing makeup and after washing dishes, and after every time the skin is moistened. The skin can also be softened by doing a body massage with very moisturizing oils, before going to sleep, and for a few nights a week; Because massage stimulates blood circulation, thus providing nutrients, water and moisture to the skin. [2]Remove makeup before bed: makeup is one of the ingredients that cause dry skin, so it should be moderate in its use and the use of commercial signs that do not contain dangerous ingredients, in addition to ensuring that it is always removed before sleeping, As it causes pores and infection, and makeup can be removed with a gentle cleaning and a piece of smooth cloth and lukewarm water, then dry the skin with aromatization, and finish the moisturizer, and also need

4 Natural recipes to make the skin soft

to take care to clean the makeup Brush once a week by washing it with liquid soap and lukewarm water, and then let it dry before using it. [2]Following a healthy diet: a balanced diet that contains fruits, vegetables, whole grains and a moderate amount of healthy fats should be followed, and the list of skin ethics includes many foods, including:[2]Water-rich foods such as kiwi, grace, apple, watermelon, celery, cucumber and zucchini.Foods containing vitamin C such as green (dark) leafy vegetables, nuts, seeds, beans, mushrooms, acids and berries.Omega-rich foods such as flax.Anti-oxidant foods such as tomatoes, yellow and red peppers, berries (and other red, orange and yellow foods).Drink water: you should drink eight cups of water and avoid drinks added with a lot of sugar; because it causes wrinkles and sagging skin. [2]Exercise: Acid exercise is regularly useful for physical and mental health, in addition to the fact that the grocery store stimulates blood circulation, which ensures the arrival of nutrients from the skin, and thus the achievement of smooth and healthy skin, and that sweating during the groove rid the skin pores of dirt and bacteria, taking into account the cons

ideration of the importance of cleaning the body after exercise; To get rid of sweat and dirt, it can be rinsed at least with cold water. [2]Take enough sleep: sleep is important for the skin, because the collagen (protein) that keeps the skin is tight and free of wrinkles, with the virtue of growth hormone that the body produces during sleep. [2]Avoid the causes of irritation and dry skinThere are several reasons that lead to irritation and dry skin, and the methods to protect the skin are:[2]Protect the skin in cold weather: the skin tends to dry in cold weather, due to the lack of moisture in the air, the skin can be protected from dryness by showering less and putting more moisturizer, in addition to using A humidifier, wearing gloves and scarves, and kissing.Protect the skin from sunlight: unthroated exposure causes premature aging, wrinkles and skin cancer, and the skin can be protected by applying sunscreen, moisturizing and makeup that contains sunscreen, in addition to wearing clothes that protect from the sun.Stay away from irritants: there are many substances that cause allergies and irritation, such as wool fabrics, harsh cleaners, softeners, perfumes, dyes, cosmetics a

nd non-allergenic creams.Stay away from dried ingredients on the skin: there are substances and ingredients that can develop dry skin, such as alcohol-based products and products containing sodium lauryl sulfate, as well as caffeine, alcohol and cigarettes.Natural recipes to make the skin softWhile natural recipes to make the skin smooth, namely:Honey recipe: honey is a natural ingredient that can be used to soften the skin, and its method is:[1]Ingredients: raw honey.How to prepare:Put honey on the face and neck.Leave honey on the skin for 10 minutes before rinsing with cold water.Aloe Vera Recipe: Aloe vera is one of the natural ingredients used in skin beauty recipes, as it is useful for filtering and softening the skin, and its method is:[1]Ingredients: aloe vera leaves.How to prepare:Extract gel from aloe vera leaves, then apply the gel to the skin.Repeat the recipe several times a week.Turmeric recipe: turmeric is useful for lightening spots and pigmentation, and a tablespoon of turmeric powder can be mixed with enough milk to make a paste, and then put the paste on the face and neck, so as to get a beautiful skin and blemishes without To regenerate the skin and get rid of dr

y spots can make another recipe, which is:[1]ingredients:One teaspoon of turmeric.Two teaspoons of sandalwood powder.Water or rose water.how to prepare:Mix turmeric and sandalwood with enough water to make a paste.Put the paste on your face, let it dry completely, then rinse it off.Repeat the recipe once or twice a week.the reviewerWas the article helpful?

A way to make the skin soft

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