A way to prevent sweating hands

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A way to prevent sweating hands – ” Contents1 hand sweat2 ways to prevent hand sweat naturallySweatSome people suffer from increased secretion of sweat or abundance of perspiration, and this problem is very disturbing Different areas of the body such as the ground, and in the hand of the hand, under the armpit and face, this phenomenon is considered natural and necessary for the body, because sweat is secreted through the developing nervous system, which helps to regulate The body temperature, and we will address in this article to mention the best natural methods to prevent and treat the problem of sweating hands.Ways to prevent hand sweating naturallyapple cider vinegarWe mix equal amounts of rose water and apple cider vinegar, and put the solution on the area of the hands two to three times a day, and two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar and a little honey can be added to a cup of warm water and drink this Drink this twice a day.CornstarchMix equal amounts of baking soda and cornstarch powder and keep the mixture in a bottle until use, and apply an appropriate amount of this mixture on the hands after removing excess sweat with a paper towel.LemonadeMix a teaspoon of baking soda and an appropriate amount of le

2 ways to prevent the sweating of the hands naturally

mon juice to obtain a paste, we put it on the hands and leave it ten minutes after that, we wash it with water, and repeat this process once a day.GingerMix a tablespoon of ginger with a small amount of water enough to make a paste, put it on the hands and leave it for an hour, then we wash it with cold water, and we must use this recipe daily.tomatoesWe squeeze two tomato fruits and drink their juice daily, which helps to reduce body temperature and reduce sweating. We can also cut a tomato fruit into slices, and we use a large slice to rub our hands.Green teaWe put three bags of green tea in a large bowl of water, then we cover it and leave it for fifteen minutes to twenty minutes, then soak the hands in the mixture for twenty to thirty minutes, and repeat this process once a day .WalnutWe put a handful of walnut leaves in an appropriate amount of cold water, then boil the mixture on the fire and leave it on low heat for fifteen minutes after that, and wash the hands with it to get rid of sweat.Herb salmiyaWe put twenty grams of salmiya herb in a liter of boiling water, then adding to a few drops of apple cider vinegar, mix the mixture and wash the hands with it.hennaPut a handfu

l of henna powder in a liter of water, then boil the mixture on the fire for five minutes and dip the hands with it after it cools down.Note: These recipes may not be suitable for some skin types, such as sensitive skin, or whose owners complain of certain skin diseases, so it is best to consult a specialist before use.Was the article useful?

A way to prevent sweating hands

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