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A way to remove nails – ” Contents1 manicure2 methods of nail removal3 tips for beautiful nails4 referencesReligiousNail polish or nails is one of the most products for nail care, and girls are particularly accepted to color their nails in different colors that add a beautiful appearance that is completely reflected in the appearance of the hands, but they face many problems to eliminate the The effects of this paint, especially the dark colors of it, which leaves a clear impact on the hands, and many girls resort to industrial and chemical methods to get rid of nail polish, on which is the use of acetone compound, knowing that It is harmful to the health of the nails; We will examine many natural methods to get rid of nails.Methods to eliminate nailsLemonLemon is a natural component used to get rid of nails, following the following method:[1]ingredients:Warm water.Soap.Lemon slice.How to prepare:Soak the nails with warm water and soap for 3-5 minutes.Rub the nails with a lemon slice as a nail polish remover, as it is easy to remove nail polish.Nail oil or moisturizer is used to maintain nail health.VinegarVinegar is an acidic compound that can remove nail polish, and it is available in homes and supermar

2 Methods of removing nails

kets, and its method is:[1]ingredients:vinegar.cotton.Lemon juice.How to prepare:Nails are soaked in warm water for 10-15 minutes, so it will facilitate the process of removing the nails.Mix equal amounts of vinegar and lemon juice together.The cotton ball is soaked in the mixture, and then used to remove the nails by wiping it well for 20 seconds, as this leads to the removal of nail enamel, and thus get rid of the nails.Put the moisturizer or oil on the nails after removing the nails.Acetone and aluminum chipsThe manicure can be removed and the adhesive used to install nails through acetone and aluminum chips, and the method is:[2]ingredients:Acetone bottle.Aluminum blows.Cotton.Excess meat removal tool surrounding the nails.How to prepare:Excess skin surrounding the nails always use the tool dedicated to it, because it is easy to remove the nails.Acetone is poured into a small bowl and the cotton balls are soaked.The cotton ball is placed on the nail.It wrapped the nail in aluminum foil on the cotton ball, and this step is repeated with all the nails; this leads to the production of additional heat that facilitates the removal of nails.The nails remain wrapped in aluminum shavin

3 tips to get beautiful nails

gs for 7 minutes.The aluminum shavings are removed from the nails and if the nails or the adhesive used to install the nails are noticed, the period of their survival is increased on the nails.Wash the nails with soap and water.Then moisturize with a good moisturizer.DeodorantA deodorant can remove the nails; Because it contains some of the solvents that have this effect, but it is cruel to the skin, and its method is:[1]ingredients:Deodorant spray of perspiration.cotton.How to prepare:Sprinkle the sweat remover on the nails.Remove with cotton.Note: Before using the deodorant to get rid of nails, you must ensure that the skin is not sensitive to it.Baking soda, lemon juice and olive oilBaking soda works as a scrub, while lemon works as a cleanser, as olive oil works as a moisturizer, and the method of this recipe is:[3]ingredients:A little baking soda.Lemonade.A little olive oil.how to prepare:Mix all the ingredients well.Put the nails with the brush and rub well until the nails are removed.Hydrogen peroxideNicks can be removed with hydrogen peroxide, and the method is:[3]ingredients:A quantity of hydrogen peroxide solution.Water.Container.Cotton.Coconut oil.How to prepare:Place th

e water in a bowl.Add a little hydrogen peroxide to the water.Soak the nails in the solution for 10 minutes.Wipe with cotton to get rid of the nails.After that, the nails are moisturized with coconut oil.Tips for beautiful nailsWhile a set of tips that make the nails beautiful and shiny, namely: [4]Keep the nails clean and dry constantly; Because the collection of dirt underneath can lead to bacteria and leave it wet, which also leads to fungal infection.Wash hands regularly to avoid bacteria and dry them well.Give nails a break for a period of time, because it contains chemicals that harm and weaken them, and avoid those types that contain formaldehyde.Moisturizing hands and nails with an appropriate moisturizer, to avoid dehydration that leads to cracks and brittleness of the nails.After a healthy diet, the type of food we eat affects the health of our nails, so it is advisable to eat foods rich in vitamin B7, or called biotin, and other vitamins such as: a, c, e, b12, to maintain The strength and health of the nails.Avoid nail biting; because it exfoliates it and leads to many diseases.Avoid cutting the excess meat surrounding the nails; And replace it by pushing it using dedica

ted sticks.Use gloves when doing household chores Because the use of water frequently makes the nails weak, dry and free of oils that protect them.Treat fungal infections if they are, which occur due to the lack of drying of the nails of water, and athletes abound in them due to their frequent sweating.Avoid using UV dryers; they make the nails thin and dry.Turn the nails in one direction only, to prevent them from breaking and keep them shiny.Do not use nails as a tool to open cans and other hard work on them.the reviewerWas the article useful?

A way to remove nails

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