A way to remove pimples and spots from the face

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A way to remove pimples and spots from the face – ” Contents1 facial pills2 ways to remove grains and spots from the face3 tips to reduce facial pills4 referencesFacial pillsFacial pills are among the annoying problems that many people face, and there are many reasons that help the appearance of these pills such as: eating foods that have the ability to stimulate the appearance of the pills, or the person is exposed to bad psychological conditions , as these pills affect the external appearance aesthetically for a person, and in this article, we will show the most important methods that are used to eliminate the grains and spots of the face. [1]Ways to remove pimples and spots from the faceTo eliminate pills and get rid of their effects for you the following solutions: [2]Baking Soda: Put a spoonful of baking soda with a little water to have a paste of the mixture, then put it on the face for some time ranging between two and three minutes, then we wash the face well with water, And to get effective results, this recipe should be used twice a week.Green tea: this recipe consists of green tea and oatmeal, where we mix each of them, then put the mixture on the face for half an hour, then remove the mixture from the face with warm wa

2 ways to remove grains and spots from the face

ter.صفار البيض: تتكوّن هذه الوصفة من ملعقتين من العسل الابيض، ونصف ملعقة من عصير الليمون، وصفار بيضة واحدة، ونخلط المكوّنات معاً بحيث يتكوّن لدينا قناع ، ثم نضع المزيج على الوجه لمدة ساعة، وبعدها نغسل بماء وينصح بتكرار الوصفة مرتين في اليوم morning or evening.Lemon juice: squeeze a little lemon, then prepare a piece of cotton, soak with lemon and put them in the places where the grains are, and this method should be used daily before going to bed, because it is a very effective way to get rid of grains.Turmeric soap: we wash the face daily with this soap, then put wheat oil on the place of grains and massage the place in a circular motion and flexible, and it is recommended to use this soap once a week.Yeast: This method consists of a quarter cup of yogurt, a tablespoon of honey, a tablespoon of milk powder and a teaspoon of yeast, mix all the ingredients and then put it on the skin for a period of at least half an hour, Then wash the face with warm water and finally wipe the face with a piece of cotton added rose water.Tips for reducing facial pillsThere are several tips that should be followed to reduce the spread of facial pills, including:[3]Eat large amounts of vegetables and

3 tips to reduce facial pills

fruits.Makeup and cosmetics are recommended before bedtime.It is recommended to drink eight cups of water a day to get a fresh and grain-free skin.It is best to take a steam bath once a week.You should stay away from eating fats in large quantities; Because it increases the appearance of pills.the reviewerWas the article helpful?

A way to remove pimples and spots from the face

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