Acne stains

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Acne stains – ” Contents1 acne spots2 medical ways to get rid of acne spots3 natural ways to get rid of acne spots4 tips to reduce the appearance of acne spots5 referencesAcne spotsYouth love affects many people of all ages, especially in adolescence, and this problem appears when the secretion of oils on the surface of the skin is greater than its usual limit, which causes the blockage of the pores, so the skin becomes a suitable environment for the growth of bacteria, and these pills usually leave ugly spots, often do not disappear, and in this case its existence is an indication that the love of youth is a great harm to the skin, and these spots can appear in different colors; The dark red, or structure, and several medical and natural methods are available to get rid of love spots for young people. [1]Medical ways to get rid of acne spotsThere are many medical treatments that help get rid of love spots for young people. Including:[2]Topical retinoids: this is a type of topical remedy, which helps regenerate skin cells, improves their texture and removes spots quickly.Chemical exfoliation: This is a type of medical treatment followed in the elimination of youth love spots, which depends on th

2 medical ways to get rid of acne stains

e place of a strong type of acid, which causes the exfoliation of the outer layer of the skin and reduces the intensity of the spots.Laser: The principle of this treatment is very similar to chemical exfoliation, because it removes the outer layer of the skin surface, while the drug is shorter.Natural ways to get rid of acne spotsThere are many natural recipes that have a role in the removal of young love spots, including:Apple cider vinegar recipeApple cider vinegar contains many useful therapeutic properties of the skin, because it has acidic properties that open up the youthful love spots, and the cells are renewed by stimulating the production of collagen, and so it is an effective recipe to get rid of spots, and the way to use it as follows: [1]ingredients:Two tablespoons of unliquidated apple cider vinegar.Half a cup of water.Two tablespoons of honey.A mixture of mixture.Cotton ball.How to use:The ingredients are placed in a bowl and mixed well.The cotton ball is soaked in the mixture and it is applied to the love spots for young people.Right the mixture on the skin for 10 to 15 minutes.The skin is lost to normal water.Repeat the recipe once a day.Oat recipeOatmeal absorbs ex

3 natural ways to get rid of acne stains

cess oil and repairs damaged skin cells through its scolding properties, which helps to remove acne spots. Among the ways to use it:[3]ingredients:Two tablespoons of oatmeal.One teaspoon of honey.One tablespoon of lemon to prepare:Mix the ingredients well in a bowl.The mixture is placed on the injured skin and left for 30 minutes.The skin is washed with water.This recipe is repeated three to four times a week.Tips to reduce the appearance of acne spotsThere are several tips that help reduce the appearance of love spots for young people. Including:[4]Avoid the sun: protection of the skin from the sun’s rays is necessary, as it increases the appearance of love spots for young people, and a sunscreen should be placed with a protection lab at least 30.Maintain hygiene: recommends maintaining personal hygiene and cleanliness, and it is advisable to stay away from wearing tight artificial clothing, as it rubbed the skin, stimulates acne and changing pillow covers are also preferred and put a new towel on the pillow every night in case of acne treatment.Wash the face well: wash the hands well before applying on any antiseptic on the face; So that the dirt and bacteria on the han

4 tips to reduce the appearance of acne spots

ds do not curl the pores, and the face is washed twice a day, every morning and evening, and when it sweats badly, especially when you wear a helmet or hat; Because it irritates the skin.the reviewerWas the article helpful?

Acne stains

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