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acne traces – “Contents1 acne2 causes of acne3 areas of acne4 symptoms of acne5 cases of acne6 traces of acneAcneIt is often caused by anaerobic leather inflammation, due to the increased secretion of oils from the skin; This leads to the closure of pores and the accumulation of oils and fatty secretions under it, which helps to reproduce and the activity of protein bacteria that cause the young love that appear in the form of skin irritation at first, and It turns into pills or blisters and others.Causes of acneThe appearance of heads or blackheads resulting from the accumulation of dead cells in the pores.Gonorrhea seminar; As its appearance is related to adulthood, which has different factors from other stages of an increase in sebaceous secretions, which appear as shine on the skin.Areas of acneThe face: this is one of the most worrying places for the person affected by it; Because it is an open and visible area, in addition to this facial skin is sensitive.The shoulders.The higher arms.Noon.Symptoms of acneThere are several symptoms that appear on the skin with a disease problem or acne:Redness: it appears on the affected area.Dark brown spots.Effects and white marks.Cases of acneCases of m

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edium severity, or so-called papules: constitute an increase in the number of cysts and their rotting and causing psychological tension to its owner and after reaching the age of twenty years, it can become scars and if it develops, it causes itching.Dangerous cases: This type affects the areas of the face and back, and their parts are larger, which combine together to form a leather tunnel that can cause deformities, but they are considered rare cases.acne marksScars are the most important effects of acne, and they have several types:Kilolide or elevated scars: it occurs due to excessive tissue formation and growth during the healing stage, and skin of a brown color is considered the most vulnerable to this type of scars.Conductive scars: From its name, they appear in the form of a gradual or progressive decrease that is lower than the level of the skin and its ends are a round shape.Distinctive scars: which result from an acute inflammation in leather that chooses the skin, causing a small but deep scar, and this type spreads in people who have a light studded skin.Square scars: they appear on the cheeks and both sides of the forehead, and this type occurs after infection by wate

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r in water.Permanent scars: whose effects remain present and do not disappear, but they gradually decrease with time, which are three types:The atrophied scar: it is flat and thin.Scars.The nasal or prominent scar and is thick and clear.There are many ways to relieve the effects of acne or eliminate them permanently, and therefore we must see a doctor continuously for treatment and consultation, and the type of acne and its effects should be well known to use the appropriate treatment.Was the article useful?

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acne traces

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