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All that matters to women – ” Contents1 facial care2 Hands Care3 Hair Care4 Body care5 Internal psychological care6 referencesFace careThe woman must take care of her face, which is her title, as it can be taken care of by following the daily program for natural care, which we will mention in the following: [1]Avoid as much as possible by touching the face with two hands.The swarm of cocktail juice consists of a mixture of onion, apple and carrot, and it is also recommended to eat three grains of yeast on an empty stomach.Apply the cucumber mask on the skin for fifteen minutes, and then the skin is washed with water.Apply a mixture of equal ingredients of pomegranate love juice with vinegar, then put it on the grains to the face in the morning and evening.Avoid as much as possible by eating spices, pepper and impressive foods.HandcuffsThe woman should take care of the cleanliness of her hands continuously, because it helps to prevent the spread of bacteria and viruses, and the appearance of the hands in a healthy and beautiful way, by washing them continuously using warm water and soap, [2] It is also advisable to massage the hands with cucumber and wisteria to give them freshness, vitality and radiance, and

2 hands care

the back of the hands can be massaged with egg whites to prevent wrinkles from appearing there. [3]hair careThe woman should take care of her hair continuously, because it is considered a title for her beauty, and it is possible to use in natural apple cider vinegar to give the length, softness and shine of the hair, and it is by mixing two tablespoons of vinegar in One liter of water and wash the hair with this mixture after washing it with the help of shampoo, and one of the oils can be added as a base to the mixture to alleviate the odor of the permeable vinegar. [4]BODY CAREA woman should take care of her body continuously, as it is a title for her beauty, and it is by following the following steps: [5]Deep breathing to get a compound of compassion.Attention to take a nap ranging from 10 to 20 minutes.Attention to laughter while talking to a friend or watching a comedy program.Pay attention to the skin continuously.Wake up at six in the morning.Internal psychological careA woman should take care of her comfort and psychology from the inside by following these steps: [5]Avoid the deadly routine, adding a simple daily change to usual activities.Check-in notes.Enjoy eating alone.R

3 hair care

enew the house by buying something new.Recycle what can be recycled at home.Relax and eat a cool cocktail.the reviewerWas the article useful?

4 body care

All that matters to women

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