An easy way to lighten the skin

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An easy way to lighten the skin – ” Contents1 skin lightening2 easy ways to lighten the skin3 referencesSkin whiteningAs a result of the skin’s exposure to environmental and health factors over time, the skin loses its freshness and radiance, and this affects its color and looks brown or more than the natural degree of skin, and solve such a Problem that it prefers to search for the causes of skin tanning and try to avoid it or seek its solution. The methods of skin lightening are varied, including the use of natural materials and home recipes, or the use of chemicals and materials or treatments in the clinics of aesthetic experts.Easy ways to lighten the skinNatural ways to lighten the skinMany prefer to use natural recipes to lighten the skin, as they do not contain chemicals, in addition to its effectiveness in increasing the freshness and filtering of the skin, as it hydrates and preserves it. While a group of home recipes comes to brighten the skin:Peel the skin with coffee: Using coffee as a scrub for the skin and face helps to restore its youth and regenerate the cells, as coffee contains antioxidants that open the skin and reduce the appearance of blemishes and small impurities. Coffee scrub can be prepared

2 easy ways to lighten the skin

as follows: [1]An appropriate amount (for the face or skin) is soaked from the ground coffee in warm water, and it is best to add English salt to the solution to increase the effectiveness of peeling.Wash the face with the coffee soaked in water before adding the skin scrub to moisturize it.The remaining coffee is used at the bottom of the water to gently scrub the skin, then wash and repeat weekly for best results.Lemon, oatmeal and egg mask: this mask helps to whiten the pigmentation of the skin and can be prepared as follows: [2]ingredients:Half a lemon.Two tablespoons of oatsOne tablespoon of almond to prepare:Reduce the half juice for watering with water and add half a tablespoon of almond oil.Add two tablespoons of ground oat flour and an egg white.Stir the ingredients and put the face for fifteen minutes, then wash.The citric acid in the lemon juice helps to remove dark spots.Coffee Mask: We mentioned earlier that coffee’s containment of antioxidants increases its effectiveness in whitening the skin, and helps caffeine tighten the skin and delay the appearance of signs of aging, such as lines around the eye, and reduces eyelid puffiness. To prepare the appropriate c

offee mask for all skin types, follow these steps: [1]Mix half a cup of ground coffee, with half a cup of non-local cocoa.Add one cup of whole milk to the mixture and mix well to make a paste.Add a little lemon and honey to the mixture.Apply the mixture to the face and let it dry, then wash it off with warm water.Cocoa and honey mask: this mask helps to brighten the skin, increase its radiance and recovery, and can be prepared as follows: [3]ingredients:Four tablespoons of yogurt.1 tablespoon of cocoa.1 tablespoon of to prepare:Mix the above ingredients well.Leave the mixture on the skin for twenty minutes, then wash. Milk and honey are natural moisturizers. Honey also helps to protect against sun damage and wrinkles. Cocoa unites the skin color and helps with lightening because it contains antioxidants.Cosmetic ways to lighten the skinSeveral ways to lighten the skin have spread in cosmetics and among skin specialists as a result of numerous researches and studies to solve skin problems, and there is a group of chemicals that can be added to specialized preparations to lighten the skin, and it is advisable to consult a doctor or specialist before using them, such as:Hydr

ogen peroxide: It is a weak acid that has many uses such as hairdressing, oral and dental health, and it has a major role in skin lightening when added to get rid of dead skin cells, opens the dark areas of the skin. It should be noted that the above hydrogen oxide may not be suitable for all skin types; It is recommended to use reduced concentrations, so that it does not cause irritation and allergies. [4]Retinoid: This is a form of vitamin A useful in the treatment of skin problems in general, and the substance of retencine is also added to alpha hydroxy acid and retinoic acid. These components increase the speed of the appearance of new cells and the shedding of old cells, and improve the growth of healthy new skin. It should be noted that these ingredients can cause great drying of the skin and make them more sensitive to sunlight, it is important to use them to be taken into account that they need several months to show results, and it is advisable to use Protective Preparation of sunlight at this time. [5]Laser therapy and chemical exfoliation: Laser therapy gets rid of the dark skin layer by losing light energy concentrated on it. The skin removes a layer by burning it away

to a non-stark layer. This treatment is an advanced way to lighten dark areas and is presented by cosmetic and skin specialists. It removes skin exfoliation products from the dead skin cells and outer layers of the skin, so that the new skin layers enjoy health, freshness and uniformity. Attention should be paid to the risks of allergies that may result from their use. [5]Vitamin C: Vitamin C is one of the most important vitamins needed for the health of the skin; As it works as an antioxidant and helps to produce collagen proteins that are important for the skin, and therefore it can be said to help brighten the skin, and this is the reason for the use of vitamin C to delay the products of the signs of aging. The methods of consuming vitamin C vary, as there are rich fruits and vegetables, such as: citrus fruits, tomatoes, strawberries and others. Consuming vitamin C helps to increase the effectiveness of sunscreen used on the skin to protect against UV rays, as it reduces cell damage, and it also helps to treat wounds. [6]the reviewerWas the article useful?

An easy way to lighten the skin

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