An effective recipe to remove black spots from the face

1 Black spots on the face

An effective recipe to remove black spots from the face – “Contents1 black spots on the face2 recipes to remove black spots on the face3 causes of black spots4 types of black spots5 referencesDark spots on the faceBlack spots are also known as dark spots or age spots, and they can appear on the face, shoulders and captives and appearance, and these spots have different colors and sizes so their colors tend to red, brown or Ramadi; This is the result of excessive production of melanin in the skin. Dark spots are an embarrassing problem that negatively affects self-respect, and this problem can be treated with acid peels, laser processes or natural recipes. [1] [2]Recipes to remove dark spots from the faceLemonLemon juice relieves dark spots, the effects of young love, wrinkles and even skin color, but with this recipe you may feel tingling, slight burning and temporary redness. A test should be performed before using lemon juice to see the durability of the skin to the acid by applying a little lemon juice on the elbow area of the yield, and in case no problem occurs after 8 to 12 hours, this recipe can be followed: [3]Ingredients: lemon.How to prepare:Cut the lemon into slices.Rub the black spots with lemon slices.Wait for about 10 to 15

2 Recipes to remove black spots from the face

minutes before washing the skin with water.Dry the skin with the slower.Repeat the recipe once or twice a day.Note: it is warned to use lemon juice in case of ulcers or open wounds, and the sun should be avoided after using this recipe, and lemon juice can be diluted with water, rose water or honey if the skin is sensitive. [ 2]parsleyParsley contains vitamini (A, C), which is useful for renewing collagen production, fighting free radicals in the skin and unifying its color, in addition to getting a skin free of young love and dark spots, and parsley is useful in preventing wrinkles; Because it contains vitamin K, in addition to that, the anti-bacterial and vertical properties in parsley are useful for health and hygiene, mixing parsley with lemon juice allows it to fight against color changes in the face due to the mixture of vitamin C , and the way is: [1]ingredients:parsley.One teaspoon of lemon juice.Two teaspoons of honey.electric blender.A quantity of water.How to prepare:Cut the parsley and add a little water to it and mix it in the electric blender to obtain a paste.Mix lemon and honey juice with parsley paste.Put the mixture all over the face and concentrate on the areas o

3 causes of black spots

f dark spots.Leave the mixture on the skin for 20 minutes.Wash the skin with water.Repeat the recipe from day to day.SandalwoodSandalwood helps to filter the face of dark spots and add freshness to the skin, and its method is:[2]ingredients:1 tablespoon of sandalwood powder.1 tablespoon of glycerin.3 tablespoons of rose water, milk or to prepare:Mix the ingredients together to a thick paste.Put the mixture on the affected areas of the skin.Leave the mixture on the skin for a few minutes.Wash the skin with lukewarm water.Repeat the recipe cider vinegarApple cider vinegar is rich in antioxidants, and it contains alpha hydroxy acids and malic acid, and it can expel toxins from the skin, and all these properties lead to eliminate youthfulness; Due to the ability of apple cider vinegar to improve the production of fatty substance, which makes the skin less dry, taking into account the use of sunscreen after using this recipe at the exit; Due to the ultraviolet rays of the skin, in addition to relieving apple cider vinegar before using it and test by applying apple vinegar on the forearm to get the way it interacts with the skin, especially for sensitive skin, and t

4 types of black spots

he method of the recipe is : [1]ingredients:One teaspoon of apple cider vinegar.One teaspoon of water.One teaspoon of honey.One to prepare:Reduce the apple cider vinegar with water, then mix with honey.Put the mixture on the areas affected by black spots with the help of a cat ball.Leave the mixture on the affected areas for 15 minutes before washing the skin with water.Repeat the recipe daily.Causes of black spotsThere are several reasons that lead to the appearance of black spots on the skin, including:[1]Excessive sun exposure: the body’s reaction to protect itself from ultraviolet rays when exposed to the sun for a long time is to increase the production of melanin, thus increasing the number of dark spots on the face.Hormonal changes: The fluctuation of estrogen and progesterone leads to irregular production of melanin, in addition to this sun exposure stimulates the secretion of melanin and thus the appearance of dark spots, pregnancy, birth control and abomination period of hormonal changes .Facial hair removal: waxing, turning or hair removal creams cause skin infections, and therefore changes in skin color.Acne and wounds: Pimples or wounds can develop into da

rk spots.Age: The reproduction of skin cells in the aging stage is not as simple as in the youth stage, which prevents the skin from repairing the affected areas such as color changes in the skin.Types of dark spotsKnowing the type of spots helps to know the appropriate treatment for it and its types: [1]Motto: it appears due to the imbalance of hormones, and it is usually on the cheeks.Perfumes: liver spots and shows the skin in the aging stage as a result of the assumption of ultraviolet ultraviolet.Signs of pimples: when the scattering is infected by a bacterial infection, they leave scars driven to dark spots.Excessive pigmentation after inflammation: burns or young love, and other injuries, and scratches lead to inflammation and later dark spots in the affected area instead of discoloring them.the reviewerWas the article useful?

An effective recipe to remove black spots from the face

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