Are there side effects of laser hair removal?

1 laser hair removal

Are there side effects of laser hair removal? – ” Contents1 laser hair removal1.1 Side effects of laser hair removal1.2 Standards affect laser effectiveness1.3 The number of sessionsLaser hair removalLaser is one of the most important modern methods used to remove excess hair from the body, and in its work, it depends on laser beams and a technique called selective photoshemolysis, which is the heat emitted by the light, so that it is compatible with a limited wavelength of light and pulse period, in order to achieve a more effective result.Effects of laser hair removalThere are side effects that appear on the body after laser sessions such as: redness, tingling, irritation, swelling around the treated area, a change in the skin dye and its color, and the appearance of various burns on the skin in some cases, and it is rare that these symptoms continue for more than three days.The standards affect the effectiveness of the laserThe laser has a group of different waves, the most important of which is visible light, and infrared rays called lream means, whose role is to create a wavelength that is measured in nanometers, and the wavelength is associated with a regular relationship with the safety rates on the skin; The longer its l

1.1 The side effects of laser hair removal

ength is safer on the skin – especially dark skin, and when the waves are short, they are more effective in weakening hair growth, in addition to the average repetition has a cumulative effect, and this condition is called thermal relaxation , which is a period of tissue cold. The degree of cooling of the skin is determined, which in turn allows the beam to flow more, and thus reduces the percentage of pain, and the side effects of the laser, specifically for owners of brown skin, and there are three types of cooling, namely:Contact cooling: Any cooling window, through the use of water or an internal cooler in the device.Criogen spray: spraying a spray on the body directly before or after the use of the laser.Air cooling: using cold air found at a temperature of 34 ° C.Number of sessionsThe number of laser sessions required depends on several factors, including: skin color, hair quality, but in general, most patients need a minimum of seven sessions, and on the other hand, the sessions depend on the roughness of the hair, its abundance and the Reasons for its growth, so it is best to make comprehensive checks of body hormones to ensure its regularity, achieving the desired results.

1.2 Standards affect the effectiveness of the laser

The extent of the effectiveness of the hair removal is also affected by the stages of hair growth, which consists of growth, hair loss and the period of hair decline; Therefore, the hair must eliminate several sessions with spaced dates, and it is preferable that the doctor who supervises the hair removal is a specialist in this field; Due to the sensitivity of the subject and to obtain the desired results in the lowest time and the simplest possible side effects.Was the article useful?

1.3 The number of sessions

Are there side effects of laser hair removal?

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