Avocado benefits for the face

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Avocado benefits for the face – ” Contents1 avocado2 benefits of avocado for the face3 avocado blendsAvocadoThe origin of the avocado is back in Mexico, and it is characterized by its yellow green color and is considered one of the main foods of a Central America; It contains many essential nutritional sources, the most important of which are: minerals, vitamins and antioxidants, so the avocado enters the manufacture of many health and aesthetic products.Benefits to the avocado for the faceReduce wrinkles that appear on the face due to age, as it can be used for this by mixing it with cocoa butter and applying it to the face.Gradually treat psoriasis, as well as eczema treatment.Moisturizing and brightening the color of the face, reducing the itching that results from dry face; It contains vitamin C and vitamin A.Tighten the face, protecting it from toxins that cause premature aging, allows half a grain of avocado and applied directly to the face.Prevent harmful sunlight and treat sunburns.Protect the skin from damage; because it contains anti-oxidant properties.Improve the health of the skin and increase its freshness, as a glass of avocado juice can be drunk daily, and it can also be mixed with some milk and na

2 benefits of avocado for the face

tural honey.Eliminate dead skin cells, as it penetrates the skin and thus improves blood circulation.Creation of the face, by containing glutamine and amino acids.Skin nutrition, as it easily absorbs and enters the depth of the skin.Remove damaged skin, by heating a little avocado oil and applying it to the face daily before bed.Avocado blendsAvocado and carrot blendingredients:Avocado Hardy.Boiled and mashed carrot pill.Half a cup of cream.Beaty Egg.Three teaspoons of natural honey.How to prepare:Mix the ingredients in a bowl until a smooth mixture is formed.The mixture is spread evenly over the face and neck.Leave the mixture for a period of at least fifteen minutes, then wash it off with cold water, as this mask restores collagen in the skin, improving its color, texture and removing spots.Avocado and honey mixtureIngredients:Half an avocado seed.Half a tablespoon of honey.how to prepare:Mash avocado, mix with honey.The mixture is placed on the face for fifteen minutes, then washed with water, and put a special moisturizer, and this mixture helps to reduce acne and moisturize the skin.Mixture of avocado and cucumberingredients:One avocado seed.Half a cucumber seed.1 tablespoon o

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f aloe vera gel.Egg yolk.how to prepare:Mix the ingredients in an electric blender.The mixture is placed on the face, left for fifteen minutes, then washed.This mixture helps to treat skin burns and get rid of signs of aging.Was the article useful?

Avocado benefits for the face

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