Benefits and damages of snow on the skin

1 freshness of the skin

Benefits and damages of snow on the skin – ” Contents1 Freshness of the skin2 The benefits of snow on the skin3 ice damage to the skin4 recipes for rose water ice cubes5 referencesFreshness of the skinThe freshness and glow of the skin helps to provide it with beauty; by getting a clear and flawless skin and without acne, and the skin endures many external changes that make it harm; Such as climate, dirt, exposure to pollution, harmful sunlight and use of makeup, and these factors lead to the emergence of various skin problems, and the skin must be preserved, shining by following a proper routine for the interest of the skin, and follow a healthy diet; For healthy foods, while some snow are considered natural remedies that help to get a bright and shiny skin. [1]The benefits of snow on the skinSnow has many benefits and uses ice to rub on the face; For a bright and soft skin, including:[2]Get a glowing skin: everyone seeks to have a bright and luminous skin, massaging ice on the face, and helps the snow to improve blood circulation, and make the skin glow, and the process of applying ice on the face helps to reduce the blood vessels , which leads to reduce the percentage of blood flow to the face and achieve balance, the bo

2 The benefits of snow on the skin

dy begins to transfer an amount of blood to the face, which leads it to glow and shine .Increases absorption of products: snow helps to facilitate the absorption of products placed on the skin, whether it is a night cream or any serum placed for the skin, and ice cubes help to reduce the size of capillaries on the face, which helps to effectively absorb products on the skin.Eliminate dark circles: the use of ice on the skin constantly helps to get rid of dark circles using natural recipes; To get effective results, but they must continue and maintain treatment for a few days; For the required results.Acne soothing: snow helps to get rid of the annoying acne problem, using ice cubes that help to reduce the production of oil in the skin, and snow works to treat the swelling resulting from acne.Reduces swelling under the eye: Using ice helps to treat the fluids gathered under the eye and reduces the swelling surrounding the eye; By moving the ice cubes in a circular motion, from the inner corner of the eyes towards the direction of the eyebrows.It is shrunk by the size of the skin pores: the face consists of pores that help to produce oils and sweat naturally, which leads to the maint

3 ice damage to the skin

enance of the cleanliness of the face, and as a result of the accumulation of dirt in these pores, Pimple, acne and to reduce the size of the pores and maintain the cleanliness of the pores of impurities, a cube of ice is used as a scrub for the skin after washing it.Reduces the appearance of wrinkles: the signs of aging can be controlled by using ice cubes on the face, to control the signs of aging and wrinkles, and prevent the appearance of lines on the skin.It treats sunburn: using ice to treat sunburn is effective, by placing ice cubes on the areas of sunburn, where the snow works to reduce redness and inflammation, and when you continue to use it, it helps the sunburn disappear.Get rid of excessive oils for the skin: oily skin suffers from the appearance of a large amount of oil on the face, and oily skin is vulnerable to the appearance of skin problems, and the use of ice cubes on the face helps to reduce the secretion of excess oils on the skin; Because the snow reduces the size of the pores that produce these oils and reduces the amount of the appearance of these oils.Getting rid of the pain caused by hair removal: getting rid of excess hair from the eyebrows causes pain an

4 recipe ice cubes of rose water

d inflammation, and sometimes leads to redness and by using ice cubes that help reduce pain and inflammation.Snow damage to the skinSnow cubes have many benefits, but they also have many damages, including:[3]Using ice cubes on the facial skin for a long time leads to the damage and capillary damage of the delicate skin, and it is best to wrap the ice cubes with a piece of delicate cloth before applying it to the skin.Avoid using ice cubes directly on the face for a long time; To avoid a headache.Rose water ice cube recipeRose water helps to control skin oils, moisturize skin, soothe skin, treat and reduce acne, sunburn, skin aging and the method is:[4]ingredients:A quantity of rose water.Snow cubes.A piece of soft to prepare:Rose water is placed in ice cubes and left to freeze throughout the day.The face is washed with an appropriate cleanser in the morning.Some ice cubes are damaged inside the fabric.Snow is placed on the skin as it begins to melt.Gently move the ice with circular movements for one to two minutes, and avoid applying the ice with the same movements for more than 15 minutes.The skin is moisturized with an appropriate moisturizer.This recipe is repeated in

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Benefits and damages of snow on the skin

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