Benefits and harms of coffee peel for the body

1 Benefits of coffee peel for the body

Benefits and harms of coffee peel for the body – ” Contents1 benefits of coffee skin for the body2 PELET COFET DECHACT OF THE BODY3 recipes of coffee shell for the body4 referencesCoffee coffee is extracted from the coffee fruit after drying or roasting, and coffee peets are used in many areas, such as the field of cooking, as some people use it with spices and spices to add flavor to food, and coffee coffee has health Benefits for the body, which have caused some companies to occur on the form of food pills, what are the benefits of coffee peel for the body? What are its damages? [1]Benefits of coffee skin for the bodyCoffee peel is used as a laxative for the intestine, because it works as a catalyst for the intestinal wall to further stimulate it and thus speed up digestion and stimulate the elimination of waste from the body, and unlike other laxatives, coffee peel is a gentle laxative on the intestine, so it does not cause severe diarrhea, except in a few cases and to take advantage of the coffee peel as a laxative, you can take it in the form of coffee peeled, or take nutritional supplements that contain coffee coffee and sold in pharmacies. [2]Coffee peel also offers several benefits for the skin, as it reduces pigmentation

2 Coffee peel damage to the body

and scars on the skin, evens out its color and helps get rid of acne, reduces the frequency of its appearance and deeply moisturizes the skin to prevent its dryness and dryness cracking. [3]Peeling Coffee Damage the BodyDespite the benefits of coffee peel for the body, excessive use can damage the body, because coffee peels contain caffeine, which can cause a range of effects, including the following: [4] [2]Anxiety, tension and nervousness.Increased heart rate.Sleep problems and disruptions, as a person may have trouble getting to sleep and difficulty sleeping or an inability to get into a deep sleep.Excessive diarrhea, and it occurs in case of consumption of nutritional supplements that contain coffee peel, because it contains high concentrations of coffee peel, so that their frequent use or at a high dose can cause severe diarrhea, and thus a loss of many essential elements in the body, or even dry wounds.Dependence on it in the digestion process, and this occurs in case of using coffee peeling supplements for a long time (on a daily basis for more than a week), so the intestine becomes dependent on it in its work, and It does not function properly unless it takes the dietary s

3 coffee shell recipes for the body

upplement, so it is not recommended to take these supplements, except for a short period only in case of need.Coffee peel recipes for the bodyThere are several ways in which coffee peel can be used for the body, and from these methods the following: [3] [4]Coffee peel tea: Put 3 tablespoons of coffee peet powder, in a cup of boiling water, let the mixture until it is completely closed, then filter it well and eat it.Coffee peel compresses: Soak the coffee peel with hot water; Then put a piece of cotton or cloth in this mixture after it cools and put it on the skin as a substance.the reviewerWas the article useful?

Benefits and harms of coffee peel for the body

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