Benefits boiled parsley for the skin

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Benefits boiled parsley for the skin – ” Contents1 Parsley2 Benefits Parsley boiled for the skin3 General benefits of parsley for the skin4 Recipes of parsley for the skin5 Recipes of boiled parsley for the skin6 referencesparsleyParsley is one of the paper herbs that use its leaves, seeds and roots to make medicines. Parsley helps to treat urinary tract infections, kidney stones, digestive disorders, constipation problems, coughs and high blood pressure by taking parsley by mouth and Can be placed on skin areas, to treat cracks, bruises, insect bites and to improve hair growth. Parsley is used to give flavor to food, and it uses parsley seed oil to make soap and cosmetics, but there are precautions that must be taken when consuming parsley for a pregnant and breastfeeding woman, because eating it in excessive amounts causes miscarriage and eating it during the first three months of pregnancy causes a likelihood that the occurrence of birth defects of the fetus, and a small amount of parsley for large In this article. [1]Benefits PARSLEY FOR THE SKINMany people now resort to herbs to treat diseases and cosmetic purposes, and they are useful herbs and available at home, and boiled parsley enters many cosmetic recipes, an

2 Benefits boiled parsley for the skin

d the benefits of boiled parsley for the skin come, including:[2]Get rid of dark circles under the eyes: parsley contains vitamin C, chlorophyll and vitamin K, and these elements help to whiten the eye area and eliminate bloating.Treatment of acne: where parsley contains an oily substance called ougenol, and this substance is considered anti -bacterial and fungi, and therefore this substance is cleaned pores, and treats skin infections and acne.Ink for the skin: parsley is used as ink for inflamed skin, as it helps to maintain the pH balance in the skin.General parsley benefits for the skinParsley contains anti-oxidant properties and a high percentage of vitamin C, which enhances the multiple benefits of parsley in leather, as it accelerates the healing of wounds, and helps to fight against the aging of the skin and prevent acne from occurring. Also among its benefits:[3]Reduces wrinkles, fine lines and scars: Where the body needs vitamin C by eating appropriate amounts of body, and parsley contains a high percentage of vitamin C, it helps to nourish the body, prevent the appearance of signs of aging and scars for The skin and parsley also contains a high percentage of antioxidants

3 The general benefits of parsley for the skin

that protect the skin from free radical damage, delay the appearance of various signs of aging, and eating parsley increases the production of collagen for the skin and the production of new cells to get a new healthy and new and clear skin.It improves wound healing: parsley contains beta-carotene and turns into vitamin A to get a healthy and sound skin, eating parsley increases the elasticity of the skin, which leads to delay the appearance of wrinkles and speed up the healing process.It eliminates dark circles: Parsley helps eliminate dark circles around the eye and reduces the appearance of puffiness by containing a high percentage of vitamin C and chlorophyll.It offers the skin anti-bacterial and anti-fungal protection: where the volatile oils in parsley, especially ougeol oil, help make it an effective anti-bacterial and anti-fungal to treat acne and clean pores.It helps to make the skin of the skin bright: parsley balances the secretion of sebum in oily skin, closes the open pores and parsley contains zinc which reduces inflammation of the skin, renews skin cells, reduces redness of the skin and eliminates acne to get bright skin.Improves overall skin health: Parsley contain

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s important minerals for body health like calcium, potassium, manganese, copper and zinc.Prevents acne: Parsley contains anti-bacterial properties that help nourish the skin and treat it from acne and make it soft.It maintains human color and prevents the appearance of dark spots: parsley is effective in reducing the change of skin color and the appearance of dark spots on them, as it helps to replenish the skin cells.It effectively cleanses the skin: parsley is used as a useful cleanser for the skin of the skin that gets rid of dirt and dead cells.Irritated skin is soft: the irritable skin of the skin is soft, due to the exposure of the skin to insect bites, and gets rid of the appearance of freckles and spots.Parsley recipes for the skinAttention to the skin is necessary to make it healthy and bright, and there are many simple recipes for the skin, including:[4]Parsley, yogurt and cucumber: yogurt helps to remove dead skin cells. The method is:[4]ingredients:One tablespoon of regular yogurt.One tablespoon of Parsley Gais.1 tablespoon of to prepare:Mix ingredients well in blender until smooth.Apply to face.Leave on face for 15 to 20 minutes.Wash off with normal water.F

ace dry and use a moisturizer.Parsley and ordinary milk: parsley helps to eliminate the dark circles surrounding the eye, containing a large amount of vitamin C, chlorophyll and vitamin K. The method is:[3]ingredients:A handful of parsley.A teaspoon of milk.Some pieces of to prepare:Parsley is crushed, squeezed, mixed with milk and placed on the areas around the eyes.Cotton soaking in parsley juice.Put around the eyes and leave for ten minutes.Repeat twice a week to reduce dark circles.Parsley and lemon juice: parsley contains zinc that reduces inflammation and redness of the skin of the skin, and regeneration of its cells, to get a bright and shiny skin. The method is:[3]ingredients:A few leaves of parsley.A part of distilled boiling water.One tablespoon of lemon juice.Three drops of tea tree oil.Three drops of rosemary essential oil.Some pieces of cotton.How to prepare:Mix the parsley leaves with a fork to get the parsley juice, add water and let it cool.Add lemon juice and oils to the ingredients and mix well.It is placed on the skin with the help of cotton and applied gently in circular motions.Parsley and honey: honey and parsley contain antibacterial properties tha

t help treat acne and make the skin smooth. The method is:[3]ingredients:A little parsley.Two tablespoons of to prepare:The juice of parsley is extracted by squeezing it.Mix the parsley juice well with honey so that the honey turns green.Put on the face.Leave for ten minutes.The skin is moisturized with an appropriate moisturizer.Parsley, lemon juice and honey: parsley helps to reduce the appearance of dark spots, and when the recipe of parsley, honey and lemon is made, they get rid of the spots and maintain the color of the skin of the face. The method is:[3]ingredients:One medium package of parsley leaves.One teaspoon of lemon juice.One tablespoon of raw honey.Warm water.How to prepare:Parsley leaves are soaked in lukewarm water.Chop well and crush well, add honey and lemon juice.The skin of the face is cleaned with a suitable cleanser.It is placed on the areas of the face.Leave for twenty minutes.Wash with water.Parsley juice recipe to reduce dark circles: parsley contains effective ingredients to get rid of dark surroundings. The method is:[2]ingredients:Some pieces of cotton.Some of the prepared parsley juice.How to prepare:Cotton soaking in the parsley juice.It is p

laced on the areas surrounding the eye.Leave for ten minutes.Repeat twice a week.Parsy Boiled Recipes for SkinBoiled parsley is used to treat many diseases, especially skin problems. The method is:[5]ingredients:One cup of boiling water (250 ml).A quarter cup of parsley leaves (60 ml).how to prepare:Wash the parsley in cold water and dry.Soak the parsley in boiling water for five to ten minutes.Drink the amount of one cup of parsley strained from the leaves.Recipe for parsley juice as a facial cleanser: the application of parsley juice helps to make the skin shiny, bright and pure. The method is:[2]ingredients:One tablespoon of dried parsley leaves.200 ml of to prepare:Mix the parsley leaves with water and boil for a period of at least twenty minutes.Let it cool down to room temperature.This water is placed parsley on the face as a final wash once or twice a day.Repeated daily to obtain the required results.the reviewerWas the article useful?

Benefits boiled parsley for the skin

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