Benefits of aloe vera for the skin and how to use it

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Benefits of aloe vera for the skin and how to use it – ” Contents1 Al -Sabar2 The nutritional value of Sabbar3 Benefits to aloe vera4 How to use aloe vera5 References ListAl -sabbarThe cactus is one of the most important plants that grow in the dry environment, as it is able to remain without water for long periods; Indeed, it is characterized by the property of keeping water inside, and the spread of the aloe vera plant in South America and Australia, and is considered one of the most common and most used ornamental plants, as it is one of the medicinal plants that Enter the pharmaceutical materials industry. Recently, its reputation has been made in the world of beauty and skin care, so it has become one of the most important basic structures of many cosmetics and skin care, and in this article, the benefits of aloe vera for the skin will be clarified and how to use it. [1] [2]The nutritional value of SabbarAl-Sabbar contains many nutrients necessary for the health of the body, as it is very rich in water, and it also contains many important vitamins, such as vitamin A, which is necessary for eye health, in addition to containing antioxidants; Which helps to get rid of infections, expel toxins from the body and relieve joint pain, as

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it is a rich source of fiber, potassium, magnesium and iron that prevents anemia. [2]Benefits of aloe veraThe benefits of aloe vera that are generally accustomed to the body and skin are especially the benefits, the most important of which are:Benefits of aloe vera for the skinThe cabinet helps to make the skin softer, and it also helps to replenish damaged and dead cells by deep cleaning the skin, because it contains many amino acids, the most important of which is glutamine, which has made the cactus into the manufacture of the manufacture of Cosmetics, skin care and hair. [3]Aloe vera treats certain infections and insect bites with great effectiveness; For it contains anti-inflammatory substances resulting from insect bites, itching, redness, rail and allergic. [1]It moisturizes the skin very effectively, as it contains high moisture; As water constitutes a large percentage of its composition, so it is highly recommended for people with dry skin in particular. [4]Aloe vera oil grapples with aging and signs of aging, such as wrinkles and fine lines; It contains vitamins E and K that help soften the skin, in addition to containing amino acids and acids; This makes aloe vera a goo

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d aging control. [5]Aloe vera oil helps to relieve dark circles under the eyes, resulting from lack of sleep, dehydration or stress, because it contains nutritious fatty acids that give the skin radiance, and thus get rid of these auras. [5]Aloe vera oil helps to repair damaged skin, get rid of scars, effects of wounds and other skin blemishes that have formed due to various reasons, as it contains good proportions of phenol compounds that act as antioxidants. [5]Benefits of aloe vera for the bodyThese are the most important benefits of aloe vera for the body:[6]Regulate glucose levels in the body, which therefore helps control the second type of diabetes.Improving sleep efficiency and reducing insomnia, as it is a rich source of magnesium metal that helps the body sleep.Reducing premature aging and signs of aging, such as age spots and wrinkles; because it contains antioxidants that get rid of free radicals that negatively affect the skin.Weight reduction, it contains dietary fiber that helps to feel full, which prevents the secretion of hunger hormone that is called grillin, in addition to it contains low amounts of saturated fat and cholesterol, and the presence of vitamin B6, t

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hiamine and riboflavin accelerates the process also in the body; This increases the burning of fat and the conversion of food into energy for use.Anti-inflammatory that can occur in different parts of the body, such as symptoms associated with arthritis, joint pain, injuries and muscle fatigue, and this is done by applying aloe vera juice directly to the affected area, or by eating aloe vera itself .Build strong bones; Because aloe vera leaves contain a good amount of calcium needed to build strong bones and repair swayed ones.Treat stomach ulcers, as the fibrous tissue and substances in the cakes limit the occurrence of ulcers, especially those resulting from excessive alcohol consumption.Reduce the symptoms of constipation, diarrhea and other disorders of the digestive system; Since aloe vera contains a large amount of fiber necessary for digestion, they facilitate the stool through the smooth muscles of the digestive system.Preventing several types of cancer, cararis contains many plant chemicals, vitamin C, flavonoids and other antioxidants important for the body’s immune system, so that antioxidants work to get rid of harmful free radicals, which convert the DNA of the healthy

cell until the cell is formulated is a cancer cell.How to use aloe veraAloe vera gel and lemon juiceThis mixture reduces pimples and gets rid of blemishes and scars on the skin, and the addition of lemon juice brightens the skin and hides its defects, and how it is used as follows: [7]ingredients:1 tablespoon of aloe vera gel.Two or three drops of lemon juice.How to prepare and use:Mix the ingredients together.The mixture is placed on the skin with a light massage and leaves overnight on the face.Aloe vera gel, olive oil and oatsThis mixture helps to prevent and avoid skin wrinkles, fine lines and signs of youth, and make the skin smoother, and works to moisturize it and remove dead cells from it, and this is done by following these steps: [7]ingredients:One teaspoon of aloe vera gel.Half a teaspoon of olive oil.One teaspoon of instant oats.How to prepare and use:The ingredients are mixed together until a paste is obtained.The mixture is placed on the skin and left for 30 minutes.Rinse the face with cold water after the end of the period and dry well.Aloe vera gel, honey, lemon and aloe veraThis mixture helps to get rid of the problem of acne in the skin, following these steps:ing

redients:Aloe Vera Gel.Aloe vera leg.1 tablespoon of honey.Half a lemon.How to prepare and use:Mix aloe vera gel and aloe vera in equal amounts, then add honey and lemon until the mixture is smooth.The mixture is placed on the face and left for 20 minutes.Wash the face with lukewarm water and then dry.CactusDrinking aloe vera juice is very beneficial for the health of the body and skin; It can be drunk with pineapple juice, or drink it with the addition of lemon juice and a little honey, as this helps to expel toxins from the body and disinfect it, and thus prevents and fights against acne.BibliographyWas the article useful?

Benefits of aloe vera for the skin and how to use it

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