Benefits of bitter almond oil and glycerin for the body

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Benefits of bitter almond oil and glycerin for the body – ” Contents1 Natural products2 The benefits of almond oil and glycerin for the body3 recipes for time and glycerin with almonds4 Damage to bitter almond oilNatural productsNatural products have proven their effectiveness in body and skin care more than expensive chemicals, so most women have begun to use the body, skin and hair, because they do not cause any side effects or damage to the body, and one of the most important natural preparations used for body care are bitter almond oil and glycerine.Benefits of almond oil and glycerin for the bodyEffectively moisturize the body and skin and prevent dehydration, because the skin can absorb them without closing the pores, so it restores the moisture of the skin and preserves its beauty.Nourish the skin and give it freshness and serenity, because bitter almond oil contains a group of vitamins and minerals, such as: vitamini A, B.Lightening the color of the skin and body and unifying its color, as well as ridding it of skin pigmentation and brown spots.Reducing the body of dead cells and impurities.Whiten the sensitive areas of the body.Eliminate the stretching of the body skin that occurs as a result of pregnancy and childbirth.Reduce it

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ching that can affect the body for many reasons.Treat fungal and bacterial infections that can affect the skin and body.Effectively soften the body.Delay the appearance of signs of aging on the skin.Treat blackheads that appear on the face.Bitter almond and glycerin drinksBody WhiteningWhen an equal amount of bitter almond oil and glycerin is well mixed, the body is applied with the mixture with a light massage and circular motions until the skin is completely absorbed, it is best to perform the process of brushing the body until it is Bright white skin obtained.Smooth the bodyMix one cup of liquid glycerin with one cup of bitter almond oil, then massage the body and skin with the mixture and leave for a period of not less than two hours, then massage the body with a gentle juice soaked lemon juice, and it is best to repeat the recipe three times a week for better effective results.Damage to the bitter almond oilBitter almond oil contains a hydrogen cyanide compound, which is one of the toxic and deadly compounds, and studies have shown that eating about 7 milliliters of bitter almond oil can be capable of human death, so it was necessary to note that grave caution should be when i

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t is used, whether internally or externally; because any overdose will be a sudden death, in addition to that, it should be avoided by a pregnant woman, the elderly and children. If used orally, it is best to mix it with apricot oil or orange oil.Was the article useful?

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Benefits of bitter almond oil and glycerin for the body

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