Benefits of bitter almond oil for oily skin

1 What is bitter almond oil?

Benefits of bitter almond oil for oily skin – ” Contents1 What is bitter almond oil?2 Benefits of bitter almond oil for oily skin3 Warnings when using bitter almond oil on the skin4 Benefits of bitter almond oil in general5 referencesWhat is bitter almond oil?Bitter almond oil; It is extracted from the bitter almond tree by the process of separating the almond kernels from its skin, then crushing them and distracting the resulting powder to obtain bitter almond oil,[1] and is considered to be toxic oil; Therefore, it is used in very small quantities, and it is advised to be careful while using it. [2]Bitter almond oil contains a number of vehicles, including; Amigdalin glycoside, bunadddehyde, hydrosyanic acid, as well as rare fatty acids and other ingredients that resemble sweet almond oil ingredients. [3]Benefits of bitter almond oil for oily skinThere are not enough studies that prove the effectiveness of sweet almond oil in maintaining the health of oily skin, so more studies need to be conducted to prove it, but it is included in many cosmetics, skin care, creams and ointments, as it is believed that it can provide the following benefits:Fighting pimples and zits in the skin, such as acne relief, and this is mainly due to

2 The benefits of bitter almond oil for oily skin

the antibacterial and fungal properties of bitter almond oil. [3]Combating the signs of aging because it contains an anti-oxidant vitamin E. [4]Nutrition of the skin and maintain its health. [4]Skin purification from impurities. [4]Reducing the appearance of dark circles around the eyes; By placing a layer around the eyes before going to bed, and this process is repeated for at least two weeks to achieve the desired result. [4]Reducing pallor, yellowing and immensity; As a result of many different weather factors, such as the concentration of a layer of dust, dirt and sweat. [4]Use it as a skin peel to get rid of dead skin cells; This is done by mixing a tablespoon of bitter almond oil with a teaspoon of sugar, using it on the skin and stirring with circular movements. [4]Warners uses bitter almond oil on the skinIt is recommended to do an allergy test before using bitter almond oil by following these steps:Put a small amount of bitter almond oil on your hand and leave it on for 24 hours.Watch the symptoms, and if they don’t appear, you can use it on your skin.Benefits of bitter almond oil in generalBitter almond oil can provide many other health benefits for the body, including:E

3 caveats using bitter almond oil on the skin

liminating intestinal worms. [3]Helps treat cramps. [3]Control many types of germs, bacteria, viruses and fungi. [3]Eliminate high temperatures (fever). [3]Have soothing properties and help relieve various pains. [3]Softening the intestine. [3]Having diuretic properties. [3]Improve the health of hair, prevent hair loss and scratch; [4] by heating equal amounts of bitter almond oil, castor oil, olive oil, then mass the scalp with. [5]the reviewerWas the article useful?

4 The benefits of bitter almond oil in general

Benefits of bitter almond oil for oily skin

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