Benefits of bitter almond oil for the face

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Benefits of bitter almond oil for the face – ” Contents1 Almond2 The difference between bitter almond oil and sweet almond oil3 The benefits of bitter almond oil for the body4 Components of bitter almond oil5 Bitter almond oil extract6 Benefits of bitter almond oil for the face and skin7 Video Benefits of bitter almond oil for the face8 ReferencesAlmondAlmond is a common and common type of nut, and it has two sweet and bitter almonds depending on the type of tree from which it is produced, and the sweet almond fruit is produced from a type of tree called (English: Prunus amygdalus var ), While bitter almond fruit produce the type of trees called (English prunus amygdalus var), sweet almonds are free of toxic vehicles, while bitter almonds contain toxic compounds. [1]The difference between bitter almond oil and sweet almond oilThe uses of natural oils are multiple of all kinds and components, and oils are commonly used by bitter almond oil (English: Betterralmond oil), and bitter almond oil is extracted from the fruits of the bitter almond tree, and the homeland of origin of this The tree is the western regions of Asia and the northern regions of Africa, and their cultivation is also spread in a large way in the regions of Tur

2 The difference between bitter almond oil and sweet almond oil

key, Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco and Spain. [2]Although it is difficult to differentiate between sweet and bitter almond fruits, bitter almond fruits are wider and shorter in shape than sweet almonds, as well as their biocytes, bitter almond oil is different from sweet almond oil. Bitter almond oil is considered a high degree of toxicity, so when used, the amount used is treated with caution. [3]It should be noted that bitter almond oil contains toxic and harmful substances to the body and should be used with great caution, and for this reason, the use of bitter almond oil is limited to external medicine and not internal, and if used as internal Treatment It should be used in very small doses and under medical supervision, so any increase in the dose can sometimes be harmful and fatal, and that is why bitter almond oil is not classified as a food supplement. [3] In this article, we will discuss the benefits of sweet almond oil for the skin and face, and the benefits of bitter almond oil used under the supervision of a doctor.Benefits of bitter almond oil for the bodyDespite the name of bitter almond oil, it has many therapeutic properties that can be used if used with a few doses and s

3 The benefits of bitter almond oil for the body

pecific, and the most important is its ability to fight infections and microbes of all kinds, such as bacteria, Viruses, and fungi, which are also a repellent of intestinal worms, as it is used as a heat objection and a place of intestinal disappearances, has effectiveness in diuresis and diarrhea and is used externally to relieve pain and anesthetic. [3]The recommended method of use is the amount of one drop of bitter almond oil to thirty milliliters of one of the other oils, and this oil can be added to creams used at home, or use it in the form of steam, but for the warnings to Use this oil, pregnant women and children should not be used, but rather it is necessary to stay away from taking it completely, and not to use it in excess of doses, but rather the specific dose must be observed to avoid toxicity. [ 4]Ingredients of bitter almond oilThe oil extracted from bitter almonds contains 50% contains basic components represented by benzaldehyde, hydrocyanic acid and amygdalin glycoside, while the fatty acids of the uncomfortable saturation is formed and other compounds are the 50% of the saturated oil ingredients and other compounds are the 50% of the saturated oil ingredients ,

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including vitamin E, protein, zinc, potassium and many other vitamins and minerals. [3]Extraction of bitter almond oilAs for how to extract or extract bitter almond oil, this is done by removing the shell of the almond kernels, then crushing it, and distracting the resulting powder and extracting the oil, and the hydrosyanic compound is considered to be a lion of one Among the components of bitter almond oil, a toxic and deadly compound if consumed concentrated and with its raw image, therefore, the manufacturers of bitter cookie cutter oil intend to get rid of this effect by using heat to destroy the toxicity of this vehicle, and some countries ban the sale of this oil without dedication to get rid of this vehicle and reduce its poison. [2]Benefits of sweet almond oil for the face and skinSweet almond oil enters skin care products for its many benefits, while bitter almond oil is used for its good smell that people usually want. [5]Because of the external use of sweet almond oil, this oil has many benefits for the skin and face in particular, including:[6]Sweet almond oil is used to give the skin, freshness, vitality and softness of the skin, and it is very suitable for this purpo

se and can also be used for children, because sweet almond oil nourishes the skin and moisturizes its cells, and gives the skin serenity and gives it a healthy glow, warning the oil and chewing the skin with it, and it is best to do it after bathing to improve its absorption of the skin. Bitter almond oil gives a nutty smell that some people liked, and any other fragrance can be added to it to change the smell.Since almond oil contains a large amount of vitamin E, which is an effective antioxidant and is used in many cosmetics and skin care products, the use of almond oil protects the skin from oxidation and sun exposure.Almond oil is considered soft in texture and easily penetrates the skin, so it helps get rid of dirt and dead skin cells that are abundant in the skin pores and hair follicles, so it is useful in preventing the appearance of acne, pimples and blackheads.Sweet almond oil is used to remove the remains of makeup and cosmetics from the face, especially from the areas surrounding the eye, where a quantity of oil is placed on a piece of cotton and applied to the face, and left for about two minutes, Then it is gently wiped off the skin.Sweet almond oil can be used to red

uce and get rid of dark circles around the eyes, as the oil is indicated around the area around the eye before going to sleep daily and it will notice the difference within two weeks.It is used in the treatment of fungal and bacterial skin infections.Sweet almond oil is used to lighten the face and even the body in general and unify the color of the skin, as it helps to remove dark spots, get rid of the effects of sunburn and pigmentation and reduce the redness of the skin.Sweet almond oil can be used for eczema and psoriasis, as it is an effective skin moisturizer and helps reduce the itching that accompanies these skin diseases.Video of the benefits of bitter almond oil for the faceTo learn more about the benefits of bitter almond oil for the face, check out the video.the reviewerWas the article helpful?

Benefits of bitter almond oil for the face

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