Benefits of carrots for the body

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Benefits of carrots for the body – ” Contents1 island2 benefits of carrots for the body3 carrots in the diet4 referencescarrotsCarrots are a radical vegetable, usually orange, and it can come with other purple, red and white varieties, and sometimes yellow in color, and it is often thought that islands are one of the vegetables very beneficial for the health of the body, Because it contains many important nutrients, so it is advisable to enter them into the person’s diet, or make them one of the main ingredients of most daily food, and below we will mention some of the benefits of islands. [1]Benefits of carrots for the bodyThere is evidence that increased consumption of fruits and vegetables rich in antioxidants can reduce the risk of cancer and cardiovascular disease, and these vegetables are carrots, and its benefits: [2]Cancer prevention: a variety of nutritional carotenoids have shown to have anti-cancer effects due to its antioxidant elements.Prevention of lung cancer: A study found that smokers who did not consume carrots were at three times the risk of lung cancer compared to those who ate the islands more than once in an estimated period within two weeks.Prevention of colon and rectal cancer: studies indica

2 Benefits of carrots for the body

te that eating carrots regularly can prevent the risk of this type of cancer.Its importance for people infected with leukemia: the juice and extraction of carrots have the ability to kill cancer cells in the blood and prevent their progress and development, so people with leukemia are advised to drink carrot juice regularly.Prevent prostate cancer: studies have shown that the nutrients of the islands have the ability to prevent prostate cancer, especially for young men of age.Improve vision: studies indicate that vitamin A deficiency leads to the deterioration of the outer blades of the cells receiving light in the eye, which leads to serious and severe damage to regular vision, so as the islands are rich in vitamin, it is recommended to take it continuously to strengthen vision and prevent eye problems.Some other benefits of carrots: anti-oxidants and plant chemicals in the islands can also help regulate blood sugar, delay the effects and symptoms of aging and improve immune function.Carrots in the dietCarrots can be found in vegetables and supermarkets throughout the year, but are available locally during the semi-annual seasons in the spring and fall, which are easy to entertain

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plants, they are usually consumed by intention, steamed, boiled or grilled, and as a major component in many recipes for soups and ovens, it can be purchased fresh, frozen, canned or even pickled. Carrots are stored in the refrigerator and in plastic bags to keep it as fresh as possible, and the green part should be removed from it before placing it in the refrigerator, and it is always advisable to clean it well and peel it before eating it. [3]the reviewerWas the article useful?

Benefits of carrots for the body

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