Benefits of coarse salt for the skin

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Benefits of coarse salt for the skin – ” Contents1 salt2 benefits of coarse salt for the skin3 uses of salt for the body4 references.the saltSalt is one of the necessary substances in every home for its multiple uses in cooking and food, because salt contains many important elements and vitamins; Such as iodine that helps strengthen the bones and quickly stimulates the body to absorb calcium, because salt contains certain proteins, and the element of sodium is useful to improve the immunity of the body, salt is divided into two types, namely: Soft salt and coarse salt , they are similar in structure, and they differ in the refining process, so salt is salt, so salt is salt. Soft crystal crystals, unlike coarse salt, are used in food, and coarse salt has many uses and benefits that We will eat in this article. [1]Benefits of coarse salt for the skinCoarse salt has many benefits for the skin, the most important of which are:[2]Cleaning the skin and skin, especially if they are exposed to inflamed wounds; Usually coarse salt a woman who has developed a new birthmark is used, because it uses a lotion of water and coarse salt to speed up the healing of wounds inside the vagina.Help relax the muscles, increasing the vitality

2 Benefits of coarse salt for the skin

of the body, softening the skin and moisturizing by adding coarse salt to the warm bath water and relax, and helps get rid of dead skin cells, and strengthens the bone structure by absorbing the skin to the component of magnesium and salt of salt.The face and body to get rid of dead skin, especially in the case of sunburn, where two tablespoons of coarse salt are mixed, with an appropriate amount of olive oil and massage the face and body in circular motions, And a little ginger or ground cinnamon can be added to the mixture for satisfactory results and lightening the color of the skin, heels, knees and sensitive areas.Stop the growth of unwanted hair, by rubbing the wet body after finishing hair removal with sweet salt in circular motions, and with frequent use, the difference will be observed.Uses of body saltOne of the most important uses of coarse body salt:[3]Teeth whiten, get rid of the accumulation of germs and bacteria, inflammation of the gums and clean them, and bad mouth odor through methods of rinsing with a cup of warm water that added to it two tablespoons of coarse salt, and put the brush with the remaining Amount of solution to get rid of the germs and bacteria on w

3 Uses of salt for the body

hich they collect.Remove unpleasant foot odor by soaking the feet with rough salt solution for ten minutes.Get rid of dandruff by rubbing the scalp with a coarse salt solution.Nails whiten, get rid of their problems, especially yellowing nails. A little coarse salt can be mixed with lemon juice and rub the nails with circular motions for ten minutes to get brighter nails. You can mix a tablespoon of coarse salt, with a little baking soda and lemon juice, add half a cup of warm water to the ingredients, soak the nails with the solution for ten minutes, scrub them with a soft brush and moisturize them with moisturizing cream.reviewer.Was the item useful?

Benefits of coarse salt for the skin

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