Benefits of cucumber mask

1 secrets of the freshness of the skin

Benefits of cucumber mask – “Contents1 Secrets of the freshness of the skin2 The nutritional value of the option3 The benefits of cucumber4 Multiple home recipes to make a cucumber mask5 Tips when applying the option masks6 ReferencesSecrets of skin freshnessSince ancient times, women have paid special attention to their skin. Pure and fresh skin reflects beauty and complements the female, so women have sought to take care of their skin and solve its various problems with various means and methods, and from these Methods Skin products that claim to preserve the freshness of the skin and solve some of its problems, but some of them do not give satisfactory results in addition to high prices, so most women have resorted to following natural methods known for their effectiveness And guaranteed results, such as the use of vegetables and fruits and the most famous of them is the fruit of cucumber, and famous for its benefits and wonderful characteristics of the skin, also considered a wonderful addition to the care routine with the beauty and freshness of the skin by inserting it with masks that we will learn and its benefits in this article. [1]The nutritional value of the optionMany people believe that the cucum

2 The nutritional value of the option

ber is a vegetable but it is considered a fruit; It contains the seeds and grows from the ovaries of the flowers, and it belongs to the family of pumpkins, which also includes zucchini and watermelons., And essential nutrients, such as potassium, fiber, magnesium, manganese, vitamin C, vitamin K and vitamin A, because they are rich in water that hydrates and refreshes the body, and the option is defined as low calories, a cup that is not peeled contains only 16 calories. The scrub contains 15 calories. As for carbohydrates, sodium, GRais and cholesterol, its allocation is very low in it, in addition to this, the option has many aesthetic benefits of the skin, it preserves it and its freshness, which makes it an essential element in many of its nutrients. [2]Benefits of cucumberThe option has many benefits for the body in general and the skin in particular, it will be clarified as follows:The benefits of the option for the skinOne of the most important benefits of cucumber to achieve a pure and healthy skin:[3]Eliminate dark circles under the eyes, because it contains abundant antioxidants, and it also renews the skin cells because it contains silica.Reduce swelling of the eyes, as

3 The benefits of cucumber

it contains many amounts of acid.Treat freckles on the skin.Maintaining the health and freshness of the skin, due to its ability to renew skin cells and relieve its imperfections such as dark spots or the effects of old grains.Reducing the effects of sunburn, as cucumber is a natural cooler for the skin and its properties reduce any signs of burns or spots and speed up its treatment.Flute and narrow unwanted open pores.Reduction of cellulite that appears at the ends of the thighs and several areas of the body, when combining the option with several ingredients and placing the mixture on the affected area, or eating the option in the right amount to prevent the appearance of cellulite.Benefits of cucumber for the bodyThe choice has many benefits for the body, including:[4][5]Maintain brain health, as it contains the anti-inflammatory “”festival””, which plays an important role in maintaining brain and nerve health.Reduce the risk of cancer.Reduce many infections, as it cools the inflammatory response in the body.A good antioxidant, as it contains many antioxidants, such as vitamin C and beta-carotene.Reducing tension, it contains several vitamins, such as vitamin B1, vitamin B5 and

4 Multiple Home Recipes to make a cucumber mask

vitamin B7, and it is known that vitamin B reduces feelings of anxiety and some of the effects of stress.Reduce bad breath, so putting a slice on the roof of the mouth helps get rid of the bacteria that cause mouth odor.Improve the performance of the digestive system, as the option is rich in two of the most important building blocks needed for healthy digestion, which are water and fiber.Helps maintain weight, it is known for its calories.Maintains heart health.Multiple home recipes for cucumber maskThe cucumber mask can be made in more than one way, as each time it offers multiple benefits, and below an explanation of the most important recipes, their benefits and how to apply it:Cucumber and milk maskThis mask is useful for relieving dark spots and redness in addition to hydration and cooling the skin, as it is suitable for all skin types (dry, oily and mixed). [6]Ingredients: cucumber, cup of milk.How to prepare and use: cut cucumber, then crush and mix with milk, then put the mixture on the face for 10-15 minutes, then wash the face with hot and cold water, then dry the face well with a clean towel until it dries completely.Cucumber Slice MaskCucumber contains acryrobic acid,

and it also contains antioxidants, all of which reduce the swelling of the eyes and reduce the dark circles under them. [3]How to prepare and use: this recipe consists of a chopped cucumber for thin slices, slices are placed on the face or eyes, and left for about half an hour, after which the face is washed with warm water and thoroughly dry.Cucumber mask with honey and lemonOpen and large pores on the face is a problem that many women suffer from and mix the following ingredients fill the pores and narrow them. [3]Ingredients: Puree options, apple cider vinegar, small lemon juice, spoon of honey, tomato pulp.How to prepare and use: Mix the ingredients well, then apply the face with this mixture, after which the face is washed with hot and cold water.Cucumber mask with coffee and honeySillet forms on the thighs, buttocks and other areas of the body; Due to the accumulation of fat directly under the skin, and the choice has an effect to eliminate cellulite lines, through this mask [3].Ingredients: Maste of options, half a cup of coffee, a tablespoon of honey.How to prepare and use: the ingredients are mixed well with each other, then the affected area is applied to this mixture, th

en the area greased with gauze paper, then mixing the face after 30 minutes, then wash the area with diesel .Cucumber mask with yogurtMilk contains lactic acid which exfoliates the skin and makes it smooth and moist. When mixing milk with cucumber known as its chilled properties, it gives a feeling of comfort and recovery, in addition to that treats the effects of sunburn and dark spots . [seven]Ingredients: half of the puree options, a tablespoon of yogurt, the amount of olive decoration (for people with dry skin).How to prepare and use: Mix the ingredients well, then wash the face well with warm water to open the pores, then dry the face well before applying the mixture, then the mixture is placed on the face in a gentle manner and stir circularly, and leave 20 minutes on the face or until it dries completely, then wash the face with hot and cold water and dry well.Tips when applying the option masksIt is best to follow these tips when applying any of the previously mentioned option masks for best results:[7]Make sure the face is clean and free of any cosmetics, and wash it well with warm water to open the pores to get the desired result.The heat of the cucumber used should be at

room temperature.The remaining amount of the mask can be used on the rest of the body and benefit from it.After washing the face and cleaning it from the mask, it is best to wash it with rose water to revitalize the skin and fill the pores.the reviewerWas the article useful?

Benefits of cucumber mask

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