Benefits of dates molasses for the face

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Benefits of dates molasses for the face – “Contents1 molasses dates2 How to prepare molasses dates at home3 Benefits of facial dates4 referencesDatesLining is the material extracted from the fruit after boiling it on fire on several stages and filtering with the addition of water, and tanning molasses is considered one of the most important types of molasses rich in minerals and vitamins, and molasses dates are used as a basic material on food tables in addition to using it for cosmetics and facial care. [1]How to prepare molasses dates at homeTo prepare molasses dates at home, here are the steps:[2]Put a quantity of dates after removing their pits, then pour water on them so that the dates are increased with a few centimeters.Put the pot on low heat for two hours, then remove it from the heat.Strain what is in the pot so that the red juice is separated from the dates and the juice is set aside.Add another amount of water to the liquidized dates and return it to the quiet fire for two hours until the juice is renewed, and repeat the same steps as the previous time, and collect the amount of juice to each other.Stop adding water to filtered dates and repeat when the juice turns light red.Collect the juice from each other an

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d put it on the fire until the equivalent of three quarters evaporates – that is, most of the water evaporates – and it does not remain in the juice cores called molasses dates.Leave it until it cools, then pack it in a bottle, store it at room temperature, and it can be stored for several years.Benefits of molasses dates for the faceOne of the benefits of molasses dates for the face:[3]It works to combat the problem of skin drying and cracking the skin of the face due to the sun and external factors such as hot, dry or cold air, by eating it through the mouth or wiping the face with a layer of it; This is because it is rich in vitamin A.Eating it in water helps to a tablespoon of molasses dates in a cup of water daily on normal cheeks.It is prescribed to treat anemia by eating a cup of water in addition to two tablespoons of molasses dates twice a day in the morning and evening; Thus stimulating blood circulation and increasing blood flow to the face which relieves it of pale color and gives it vitality and freshness; Since it is rich in iron, copper and vitamin B.It helps to nourish the face with essential elements and minerals to make a facial mask consisting of a tablespoon of

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molasses, natural honey and olive oil, mixed well and applied to the face for ten minutes, then wash it with warm water and cold water .It maintains the purity and freshness of the skin and helps to secrete collagen that works to renew facial cells, fight wrinkles and signs of skin tooth.the reviewerWas the article useful?

Benefits of dates molasses for the face

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