Benefits of drinking ginger for the skin

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Benefits of drinking ginger for the skin – ” Contents1 ginger2 Benefits of ginger for the skin3 Health benefits of ginger4 Ginger recipes for the skin5 referencesGingerGinger contains tender trunks and green flowers, and the roots are taken from this plant, and are used as a food preservative, and added to food to consume in the form of a drink such as ginger tea, or as one of the cooking spices, and Others, as it can be used for medicinal purposes where the Chinese used it before 2000 per year as a medicine to alleviate health problems, to boost energy and blood circulation and to increase metabolism (metabolism). [1] [2]Benefits of ginger sage for the skinThe skin is the largest device of the body, suffers from many problems and ginger tea is a natural treatment for the skin; It improves blood circulation and reduces inflammation (English: inflammation), which leads to a better and smaller skin at the time, but it should be taken into account before it is eaten more than it can cause side effects such as heartburn, diarrhea, and irritation. The mouth is also accompanied by consulting a doctor before using it in case of pregnancy, gallbladder stones or diabetes, or when taking anticoagulant drugs, and some of the benefits

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of ginger darks for the skin: [3]Reduces free radical damage: because it contains antioxidants called gingerols, because the body produces free radicals by exposure to sunlight, pollution and metabolism, which causes damage to the skin and leads to the promotion of pigmentation (English: pigmentation) , displaying the skin and wrinkles. And destroy collagen, which makes the skin larger with age.It improves blood circulation: which reduces varicose veins, leather brightness, painful wounds, skin dancer and change their color.Reduces infections: ginger root contains anti-inflammatory compounds, including the so-called shaoogals, which resist inflammation that affects the skin, such as psoriasis, and young love (acne) and young relatives can be eliminated in several ways, including drinking ginger or applying it to the skin. [3] [4]Skin is applied: ginger helps repair damaged cells, making the skin clear and soft. [5]Health benefits of gingerThere are many possible health benefits for ginger consumption, including:[6]Reduction of respiratory system problems, as it is found to be effective in allergies, colds, flu, and coughs, as well as reduces stomach upset and food poisoning, and wh

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en mixed with the ring, it becomes useful in alleviating the symptoms that accompany asthma (ASTHMA).It helps digestion, by drinking ginger tea or taking ginger supplements, as it relieves stomach cramps, stimulates digestion and is also anti-acute.Reduces the possibility of different types of cancer, such as lung, ovarian, prostate, breast and colon cancer, and removes toxins from the body.It is useful in reducing nausea caused by chemotherapy, after cancer.Reduces morning sickness.It is useful to reduce chronic infections.It relieves muscle and joint pain, as it relieves muscle pain caused by exercise.Reduces symptoms of withdrawal pain.Decisive filling; It is by placing the ginger paste on the forehead.Reduces the possibility of diabetes (diabetic nephropathy).Maintains healthy brain cells; It slows down the causes of Alzheimer’s disease.Contributes to weight loss.Ginger supplements are used to reduce cholesterol and blood pressure.It improves the body’s immunity.It improves heart health.It is beneficial for the health and health of the hair.Ginger recipes for the skinGinger recipes for skin vary, including the following:Ginger TeaGinger tea can be prepared in several ways, incl

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uding:[7]ingredients:85 grams of fresh ginger root.3 cups of boiling water.Honey, maple drink or brown sugar to add flavor and taste.Lemon juice (optional).Apple (optional).How to prepare:Ginger is washed well, and it can be peeled if it does not clean well, then cut into small pieces, and water is placed in a saucepan and furait. Thus, the first step is completed, and ginger tea can be prepared in several ways, namely:Steeping method:Boiling water is placed to boil and add fresh chopped ginger.The mixture is covered to keep the liquid warm and to prevent the smell to be made, and it should be left to fall for at least 15 minutes.Boiling method on low heat:Add the ginger to the boiling water in the pot and leave over a gentle flame for 20 minutes.The heat stops after that and leaves 5 minutes before using.A strainer is used when pouring the liquid into the cup (for both ways), adding the rest of the ingredients as desired. The liquid can be stored in the refrigerator and drunk cold.Ginger, carrot and orange juiceGinger and carrot juice, strengthened the health of the skin; Because carrots contain vitamin A and beta-carotene, which makes it moisturizing for the skin, prevents youth,

prevents pigmentation, blemishes, evens out the complexion and protects them from the sun from UV, [5] as oranges contain on Antioxidants that destroy free radicals that cause youth, and the juice made from these ingredients is well in the treatment of young love, in addition to its high taste, and its method is: [4]ingredients:A small piece of ginger.Exfoliated and chopped orange.3 grains of peeled and chopped to prepare:The ingredients are placed in the electric blender and mixed well.The drink can be decorated with trauma, so the drink is ready.Drink juice once a day.Ginger syrup and green teaGreen tea contains health and skin benefits, removes toxins from the skin, reduces inflammation, in addition to the benefits of ginger to mitigate the love of youth, and the method of drinking is:[4]ingredients:Derna of ginger.2 cups of water.2 bags of green tea.One teaspoon of to prepare:Exfoliate and tuberculate crushed ginger; To take a teaspoon.Boil water, then add ginger to water and stir.Leave on low heat for 15 minutes.Add green tea bags to the mixture after removing the mixture from heat and leave for 10 minutes.After that, the tea bags and ginger are removed,

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Benefits of drinking ginger for the skin

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