Benefits of eating bananas for the skin

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Benefits of eating bananas for the skin – ” Contents1 Banana2 The benefits of eating bananas for the skin3 Nutritional value of bananas4 Health benefits of bananas for the body5 Referencesthe bananaBananas are considered one of the most consumed fruits in the world, because it is rich in antioxidants and potassium needed to control blood pressure, protect the heart and prevent anemia, because bananas are rich in fiber important for the health of the digestive system, and it is considered rich in magnesium that prevents diabetes, and we will learn more about its importance and benefits in this article. [1]Benefits of eating bananas for the skinBanana fruits, the distinctive fruits, and it has many benefits for the skin, and one of its most important benefits is the following: [2]WartBanana peel contains strong antioxidants, which help to eliminate warts, eliminate the virus that causes them, and its method is: [2]ingredients:Banana to prepare:We cut the banana peel with a size larger than the warts.We put it on the affected area.We attach a bandage on it.One full night.We remove the peel in the morning.We repeat the recipe every week.Treat pimples and acneBananas act as a peeling factor and treat acne, because it w

2 The benefits of eating bananas for the skin

orks to remove toxins from the skin, and as a result of it contains antioxidants, it fights the bacteria responsible for the formation of acne, and its method is: [2]ingredients:Turmeric powder.Banana to prepare:We wash the skin with cold water and dry it.We put turmeric powder inside the banana peel.We put it on the affected area, with a massage of five minutes.Leave it on for fifteen minutes.We wash it with warm water.We repeat the recipe twice a day.DefectThe skin of the dispenser contains vitamins A, C, E, B, which works to treat spots and reduce dark spots because they contain strong antioxidants, and its method is:[2]ingredients:Banana to prepare:Stir the banana rind on the skin for ten minutes.Leave it on the peel for at least twenty minutes.We repeat the recipe two or three times a day.Treatment of the modelMosquitoes are a harmful insect that causes itching in the skin. Banana peel works to draw fluids from the bite, and the sugars in the banana rind treat the swelling and inflammation, and its method is:[2]ingredients:Banana to prepare:Mark the affected area for five minutes.We leave it for fifteen minutes.We wash the area with cold water.We rep

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eat the recipe as needed.Treat stretch marksBanana scales contain enzymes that eliminate stretch marks that appear on the skin, and its method is:[2]ingredients:Banana to prepare:We put the white part of the shell on the desired area.We repair a strip on the shell to repair it.We leave it for a full night.We wash it in the morning.We repeat the recipe daily.Remove the fragmentsThe enzymes in the banana rind help to soften the skin, until the fragment is easily removed, which helps to heal wounds, and its method is:[2]ingredients:A small piece of banana to prepare:We put the skin on the shrapnel on the skin.We put the band on the shell.We leave it for a full night.We remove the shrapnel the next morning.Treating wrinkles and fine linesBanana peel reduces wrinkles and fine lines, because it contains antioxidants that delay aging, and its method is:[2]ingredients:** Banana to prepare:Mark Banana Peel on the face.Leave it for half an hour.We wash it with warm water.We repeat the recipe once a day.Treatment of psoriasisPsoriasis is defined as a skin disease that causes severe itching and spots on different parts of the body, and we can treat it with banana pee

4 Banana health benefits for the body

l, and its method is:[2]ingredients:Banana peel.Olive to prepare:We distribute olive oil inside the shell.Mark Banana Peel for half an hour.We wash it with cold water.We repeat the recipe twice a day.Treatment of swelling under the eyeBanana peel contains potassium, which helps to get rid of flatulence and reduces the blackness around them, and its method is:[2]ingredients:Banana peel.Two tablespoons of aloe vera to prepare:Mix the banana rind fibers with aloe vera gel.We obtain a paste.We put it around the eyes.Leave it for a quarter of an hour.We wash it with cold water.We repeat as needed.Nutritional value of the bananaWe must focus our diet on bananas, because of its wonderful nutritional value, and one of the most important minerals, and vitamins: [1]Potassium.Magnesium.Zinc.Amino acids and fiber.Vitamin C.Vitamin A.Bananas for health benefits for the bodyBananas are very useful because they contain important vitamins and conduits that benefit the body in various areas, and these benefits are the following: [3]Maintains heart health: bananas are rich in potassium, helping to connect oxygen to the brain, maintain a regular heartbeat, low blood pressure and resto

re balance to the body.It maintains the health of the bunches, because bananas contain fiber that improves the stool, so we can eat two bananas a day, and is considered a laxative for the stomach.Diabetics are treated, because bananas help to maintain the level of glucose in the blood, so it is advisable for diabetics to eat it daily.It eliminates menstrual pain, because bananas contain vitamin B6, which relieves menstrual pain instead of taking pregnant.It maintains general health because bananas contain carbohydrates, iron and three times the phosphorus in apples and are considered rich in fiber, natural sugars, potassium and vitamin C.Reduces depression, bananas contain tribtovan, a type of amino acid that helps vitamin B6 to increase the production of serotonin which improves mood and helps to relax.Calm stomach ulcers, because bananas increase mucus in the digestive system, reduce its irritation, and it forms a protective layer around the walls of the inner stomach, so it works to heal ulcers and prevent it, and also helps to get rid of heartburn.the reviewer> References.^ A B RAVI TEJA TDIMALLA (February 23, 2018), “”33 Incredible Benefits of Banana for Skin, Hair and Health”

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Benefits of eating bananas for the skin

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