Benefits of eating dates for the skin

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Benefits of eating dates for the skin – ” Contents1 dates2 stages of growth of dates3 The benefits of eating dates for the skinDatesDates are the fruit of palm trees, which is an oval-shaped grain that has a medium core covered with cotton, which is the transparent cover, followed by the part that eats its color from black to brown to golden color, which is soft, sweet, and its cultivation is widespread in the Arabian Gulf regions, and dates are dates with five stages to grow and we will mention in this article.Dates of the stages of growthPollen: It is considered the beginning of the appearance of the fruit.Al -Khalal: It is the stage in which the grain of the dates gains green color, and its oval shape starts to appear and its size increases considerably at this stage.Al -BSAR: The color of the fruit changes to red or gold.Wet: At this stage, the dates are very sweet and tender.Dates: This is the last stage in which the fruit takes the final shape, and the homogeneous texture is ready for picking.There are many types of dates exceeding four hundred and fifty types.The fruit dates are characterized by its nutritional properties and its very high value, since it is one of the richest sources of diabetes, and the quantiti

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es of the date containing foodstuffs vary depending on the type of date, as well as the phase of its harvest if they are dry or wet as well as according to the environmental conditions in which they were found.Among the most important common elements contained in the dates of the dates, sulfur, copper and magnesium that give the body satisfied of a full and a half of its needs of potassium, calcium in addition to water, mineral salts, phosphorus, some vitamins, luxury, iron and many othersBenefits of Restoration Dates for the SkinThere are many benefits that we enjoy when consuming dates, especially since it is a suitable food for adults, children, infants, athletes and others, because dates are considered a general strengthening of the body, and it protects against anemia and has many Benefits related to the skin:Dates contain various vitamins, including vitamin B5, which helps regenerate damaged cells.Collagen is one of the substances that are drained from the body over time and its deficiency leads to the appearance of fine lines next to the eyes and mouth, and when eaten dates increase the production of collagen; It contains vitamin C and antioxidants that help get rid of the s

3 The benefits of eating dates for the skin

igns of wrinkles that accompany the aging stage to restore the skin and health.Dates are substances that are easy to absorb and digest, and they work as a source of integrity, thus facilitating the process of getting rid of toxins in the body, so it works on the survival of the skin, shiny, purely, vary.Maintains the moisture of the skin.This gives your skin softness and beauty.It protects the skin from various cracks caused by dehydration due to sun exposure and others.Maintains the smoothness and activity of the skin.Was the article useful?

Benefits of eating dates for the skin

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