Benefits of face massage

1 Facial massage

Benefits of face massage – ” Contents1 facial massage2 benefits of facial massage3 How to massage the faceFacial massageFace massage is one of the health methods that experts and specialists in the field of cosmetics prefer to follow and adhere to, as one of the solid and easy habits that are due to the great advantage of the health of the face and its aesthetic Appearance, and it is advisable to use natural methods and avoid complex routes or use chemical preparations that cause skin damage to the same function performed by natural materials, because it helps to treat skin problems from the inside.Benefits of facial massageFacial massage can help stimulate blood circulation in front, which stimulates the production of new cells, and repairing the damaged or dead, and thus protects against the blockage of pores around the dead cells, and the accompanying major problems that destroy them The health of the skin, in addition, is the growth of cereals, pimples and scars, including in this acne.It can help maintain the vitality and youthfulness of the skin, and protect the signs of skin aging, some of which appear early, and are mainly represented in wrinkles, fine lines and zigzags, especially around the eyes an

2 Benefits of face massage

d forehead.It can increase the recovery of the skin and face, reduce feelings of inactivity, fatigue, exhaustion, anxiety, signs of stress and stress, and thus protect the appearance of dark circles, as it protects from dark signs and paleness of the face, which results from lack of sleep and fatigue.It can help moisturize the skin and move blood through it, as it stimulates blood circulation, thus increasing its freshness and natural pink color, especially in the cheeks.It can help tighten the face, reduce the possibility of skin relaxation and prevent it from being exhausted.How to massage the faceThe face can be massaged in a sufficient amount of warm water, as this method helps to increase relaxation and improve the aesthetic appearance of the face, and it can also be rubbed with a piece of ice in a circular manner to eliminate the swelling that appears On the face, especially around the eye area as soon as you wake up from sleep.Massage the face with a spoon, and it is considered one of the most important methods of this goal, as it only takes a few minutes, mixing an appropriate amount of olive oil, flaxseed oil or coconut oil with a cup of cold water, Put spoons in this mixt

3 How to massage the face

ure, then remove it and massage the face with it, taking care to put it on the eyelids to reduce its swelling and replace it as soon as it becomes hot.Put an appropriate amount of one of the types of moisturizers on the face on the fingers and massage it gently, taking care that the massage movement is circular and the opposite of clockwise direction, and natural honey can be used in the same way And for the same purpose, taking care to repeat this process to increase muscle flexibility, as this method is sufficient to give the skin natural softness and texture of silk.Was the article useful?

Benefits of face massage

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