Benefits of frankincense oil for the skin

1 Benefits of frankincense oil for the skin

Benefits of frankincense oil for the skin – ” Contents1 Benefits of frankincense oil for the skin2 General benefits of frankincense oil3 referencesBenefits of frankincense oil for the skinThere are not enough studies that prove the importance of frankincense oil and its benefits for the skin, so more studies need to be conducted to prove it, but it is commonly used in people for many cases, including:Retention materialFrankincense oil is a natural astringent, which means that it helps to heal skin blemishes such as scars, because it helps to replenish skin cells, which increases the freshness and vitality of the skin, and gives it a clear radiance, in addition to this , Frankincense oil can help to get rid of stretch marks. [1]Antibacterial properties, bacteria and infectionsFrankincense oil has purified and antimicrobial properties, so it helps to reduce cold and flu symptoms naturally at home, and it is believed that the use of frankincense oil with bitter vegetable oil increases this effect, [2] and These properties of frankincense oil help to provide benefits to the skin: [1]]Emphasis.Calm the skin.Reduce skin infections.Protect the skin and fight the signs of aging.Frankincense oil helps to reduce the appearance of sign

2 The general benefits of frankincense oil

s of aging or ageing, as it helps to tighten and strengthen the skin, in addition to increasing its elasticity, as it can help to even out skin color and reduce dark spots. [2]Moisturize the skin and its balanceFrankincense oil helps to soften the skin, maintain its moisture and protect it from dehydration, as it can be used to prepare a moisturizing skin cream, but it should be careful and diluted with a carrier oil when used. [1]General benefits of frankincense oilIn addition to the benefits of frankincense oil for the skin, it may also offer other benefits for the body in general, but more studies need to be done to verify these benefits, which include the following:It can help relieve asthma symptoms, by inhaling frankincense oil directly from the bottle, or by placing it in a spray bottle in the air. [3]It is an oral cleansing material, which helps relieve the symptoms of many oral and gum problems, the most important of which are dental pain, gingivitis and oral ulcers, and it is also used in the preparation of many special oral care products. [4 ]]Its anti-inflammatory properties can reduce the symptoms of inflammatory diseases such as arthritis, and may also help with irrit

able bowel syndrome. [4]It may help balance female hormones and relieve premenstrual syndrome symptoms, as it may help relieve menopausal symptoms, but more studies are needed to prove this. [4]It may help improve fertility, but current studies on mice, so clinical studies need to be done on humans to make sure this is correct. [4]the reviewerWas the article useful?

Benefits of frankincense oil for the skin

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